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Posts from — August 2006

Наша Пригода…What’s in a name?

???? ???????? Sure you’re wondering what in the world it means. ???? ??????? is pronounced na’ sha pree’ ho da, just like it looks (right?), and is Ukrainian for ‘our adventure.’ We chose this title for several reasons:

  1. All the good English names like ‘Our Adventure,’ ‘Our Travels,’ ‘Our Journey,’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ were already taken.
  2. Even if they weren’t already taken (honestly, we didn’t check), who really wants that kind of plain, lame title to describe the adventure of the lifetime?
  3. Finally…the real reason, is that this is the chronicle of our adventure, our adoption adventure, in Ukraine…so what name could be more fitting than ‘Our Adventure’ in Ukrainian?

So there you have it, the short and (not so) sweet version of how we came up with our blog name. I promise there will be more substantial and informative posts to come…join us!

August 14, 2006   No Comments