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Life in the Judd house….with T.C. away

Well, I am not very good at updating this blog. I am just trying to stay on top of everything here at home with my wonderful hubby away. We miss him like crazy, but we are managing ok. For starters, Ali swam in her first swim meet on Sat. For those of you that have never been involved in swimming…let me just start by saying that that meet lasted over 5 hours. WEW! Ali swam in 5 heats…she did freesyle (came in first in her group), breaststroke, butterfly, and 2 relays (one of the relays her group placed first). She enjoyed it and I couldn’t believe all the snacks she was consuming in between swims. It burns a lot of calories, therefore her skinny body has to keep up. I will know better next time to pack more things for her to munch on. She has meets every Sat. in June.
I hope all you mothers had a fantastic Mother’s Day. My precious girl made me breakfast in bed… how cute is that? I am posting a picture of it. She was quite proud of herself. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day, despite the fact that T.C. was not home. I could at least relish in the fact that we are about to be parents to 2 children…you just can’t get a better Mother’s Day gift than that. Not to mention, I do believe I have the BEST daughter a mother could possibly ask for. 🙂
T.C. is going to fly home this weekend…yippy! Of course, I won’t be ready for him to fly out again next Monday…2 days isn’t enough time to have him home. However, that will be our half way point…so half down and half to go! Ali does NOT like having her daddy away. (her mom doesn’t either)
We are almost finished with our homeschooling year…just 2 finals and we will be done. Now it is on to the fun part of summer…the beach, museums, ice cream, swimming…you get the point.
I am including some recent pictures…some from Abby’s 8th birthday, my Mother’s Day breakfast, and Ali’s swim meet. (The picture of the swim meet is actually a video of Ali’s first meet…she is the swimmer 2nd from the left…the one that is kicking BOOOOOTAY..heehee)
We should be flying out to Ukraine on July 9th. I am still in the process of searching for the best airline deal. Keep us in your prayers as we make all the necessary arrangements.

Mother’s Day, Swim meet, and Abby’s party

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WE HAVE A DUE DATE!!! (well, sort of)

The wait is finally going to end! We got “the call” today and we have an appointment at the adoption center in Kiev, Ukraine for July 12th. We must be in Kiev by July 11th. Please pray for our family as we prepare for this journey of a lifetime. Pray also for the precious child that God brought into this world to be OUR son or daughter. Just the thought of that brings tears to my eyes. We want to thank all of our friends and family that encouraged us along the way. The wait was sometimes very difficult, but it seems there was always an encouraging word when we needed it. I have a feeling that the wait will all melt away…similar to the pain of labor…when we meet our child face to face. God is so good.

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Still waiting

Thank goodness we are used to the wait…because we are on business day 29 of what was supposed to be a 15-20 business day wait for our travel date. But, there were some resignations at the adoption center and also some back to back holidays in Ukraine…both of which have caused the delay. We did, however, get a call from our case worker that said we should hear something after the 11th. (when the holiday is over) She also said we should be looking at a mid to late July date. Woohoo!! But before that can happen, T.C. has to attend a 5 week school for military chaplains in Montgomery, AL. He will leave this Sunday. We will be spending our weekend in Lake Charles, LA so that we can attend Abby’s (our niece) birthday party. Also, Ali joined the Dickinson Gators Swim Team this week. She had her first practice on Wed. The girl swims like a fish, so I think she will do well. (but I am biased) I will leave you with some pictures from last weekend of Ali making sand castles on the beach in Galveston.

Sand castles in Galveston

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