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Cost of braces…$2000 (actually that was our deductible), the cost of a beautiful smile for the rest of her life…priceless

Ok Ok…so that title was a little cheesy…or maybe a lot cheesy. Sorry, my brain just isn’t being all that creative at the moment. As you can see by the pictures, Ali entered “phase 2” of her orthodontic treatment on Thursday. Let me just tell you how thrilled she was to do that…or maybe not. Her response was “NO MORE POPCORN”…..

Ali attended a “Return to the Nile” day camp this week at a college close by. They learned about Egypt, mummies, hieroglyphics, etc. She had a great time and made some really cool craft projects. However, she had her first run in with what she affectionately called “mean girls”. Ha! Several girls thought they were ever so hot…you know calling everyone idiots, stupid, losers, dorks, and the like. So that was nice to know we were paying $75 for her to hear everyone being called names. GREAT! But, it opened the door for many great talks in the evenings….wonderful teachable moments.

Ali had her final swim team event last night. They had a swim a thon to raise money for the team. Then, after they swam the coach had inflatable slides for them to have fun on. She had a blast.

I know this entry is anything but exciting….sorry about that. Hopefully we will have much more interesting news in about a week and a half!!! Keep checking back………

swim pictures and braces

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We have a clown in the house……..literally!

Well, our trip is quickly approaching. The countdown has begun…we leave 2 weeks from Monday! Having waited 2 years, we can hardly believe the wait is almost over.

Ali attended a music camp at Jay’s (my brother) church this week in Louisiana. To say she loved it, would be an immense understatement. Every evening when we spoke with her on the phone, she could not say enough about her day. Besides learning a musical, which they will perform during Sunday morning worship at Westlake FBC, she also took sign language and clowning classes. The clowning classes were taught by professional clowns (which Ali thought was really cool). They learned to put on face paint as well as design their own faces and costumes. During sign language class she learned their Bible verse for the week, colors, letters, numbers, animals, etc. She was very sad for the week to come to a close. She cried when we left the church Friday afternoon…though her excuse was “I am just so tired”…ummmmm, not buying it.

She had her final swim meet today. She was so exhausted from her week at camp that she pretty much had lead feet…poor thing…but she persevered and finished on a fairly good note. We are looking into a year around team. She met several new friends on the swim team and they all want to do year around swimming. We hope to get them all on the same team. We will see what it is like dragging a toddler around to swim practice several times a week. Heehee!!

I will include some Ali the clown pictures…oh excuse me, she was Sparky the clown…and also some from her final swim meet.

music camp and last swim meet

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Sewing class, a visit from the paramedics, and all that jazz…

Leave it to me to have an emergency while T.C. is out out town AGAIN! Oh, we go way back with luck like this…be it being attacked by a neighbors cat and requiring stiches in the face when Ali was 4 or a major case of poison ivy that required steroids when she was 7 or 8. Yeah, accidents always seem to find us when we are “daddyless” for a while. Well, today was equally as bad…if not worse. Ali had been complaining of headaches and sinus pain and congestion for a couple of days. She woke in the middle of the night last night crying with a fever and pain. Well, I got her medicated and finally she fell back to sleep after an hour or so. Mommy thought all was well……..until morning hit. I got her up to get ready for sewing camp and all seemed fine. She dressed, ate breakfast, and came upstairs to finish getting ready to leave. She called me in her room to help with something and all of a sudden she said “oh my stomach hurts so bad” and then down she went. I had no idea what was happening. She went completely limp and unresponsive. Since I was not holding onto her, she hit her head pretty hard on her dresser on the way down. What does a mom do…she calls 911. Finally while talking to 911 she started to come around, but remained a bit out of it for a while. The paramedics came in and checked her vitals and sugar level. All seemed ok. They said they could either take her to the ER or I could take her. So, I opted to do the driving…but wanted to take her to her pediatrician instead. While doing her hair a few minutes later the same thing started to happen…stomach hurting, turned white as a ghost, and couldn’t stand. She asked to sit down and I just kept talking to her to force her to talk to me. I made her drink a lot of water and after a few minutes she was a little better. I called a friend that has a young adult son and the two of them came over and he carried Ali to the van. My friend rode with me to the peds clinic as to help watch Ali while I drove. They did an EKG on her and it seemed fine…she also did a lot of hand/eye coordination tests, etc. She thinks that her body was trying to fight a virus and it just reacted in this way. To say I was a nervous wreck is an understatement. She is now having a lot of pain in her neck from the fall. We hope it will feel better in the morning. T.C. did this same thing on the airplane when we were flying down her to house hunt in Dec. He had a stomach bug and he fainted several times on the airplane…..again, scared me to death. He and Ali looked exactly alike when it happened…turned the same color! Like father like daughter I suppose.

On a more positive note…Ali attended a sewing camp this week. She LOVED it. They made a bag and a windsock to hang outside. I will post pictures of her sewing treasures. She was disappointed that she couldn’t finish out the camp this morning. But, we were able to stop by and pick up her things later today.

Her swim team won their meet last Sat. That is BIG news around here bacause that had not happened in several years. It isn’t that they are a terrible team, they are just MUCH smaller than the other teams. Last week they happened to swim against another small team and beat them. Everyone was so proud of them. They had a “fun day” on Monday with inflatable waterslides and free time in the pool. She hopes to be able to swim in the meet on Sat. If her neck doesn’t improve, it might be a little difficult. We will see how she does at practice in the morning.

T.C. comes home a week from tomorrow (the 15th). YIPPY!! We are so ready…no we are more than ready. He has been in Florida all week on a “fake deployment”. He has not enjoyed it..to put it mildly. Think about it…Florida heat in a non air conditioned cabin. Ummm..not my idea of fun. He is ready to get back to his hotel room in Alabama.

Until next time…I leave you with a few pictures of Ali’s sewing and her last swim meet.

Oh yes, we are officially flying to Ukraine on July 9th. I finally got over my commitment issues and nailed down some airline tickets. Yahooooo!!

sewing class and swim meet

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Now all we need is baby……

The nursery is finally pretty much finished. As you can see there is NO crib…oh it is always something with us. T.C. went to put the crib together and low and behold we are missing a MAJOR part. It couldn’t have been a simple screw or something replaceable…oh no! Granted the crib is ummmmm in the ballpark of 31 years old, but why now…why did the piece have to disappear after we already moved it all the way from Indiana to Texas? Such is life in the Judd household. All that said, we will use our pack n play at first and see what our son or daughters age is before we decide if we want to invest in a new crib. Anyway, now all we are missing is our child…but not for long. That is if I can nail down some airline tickets. I have ONE word for you…EXPENSIVE! I need to sell a kidney…enough said. But, we can’t put a price tag on the pure joy it will be to bring our long awaited son or daughter home. Truly pray for us that we can make the best decision on airfare.
Well, T.C. came home this past weekend and it was so wonderful to have him home. We just weren’t ready for him to return to Alabama on Monday. He has another 2 weeks left of the school. Poor T.C…I put him to work last weekend. He put together a trampoline for Ali. Let me just say he was so tired of working on that thing it took him a few hours to even walk near it. It was a bit of a pain to get the net up. I included a picture of his hard work. There is also a picture of Ali and a buddy at swim team practice.
Until next time….

nursery, trampoline, and swim practice

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