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Posts from — September 2007

It’s all in the PANCAKES!!

On Thursday, I loaded up the kids and headed over to Lake Charles for a quick visit with my parents and brother/sister in law/niece. It was a quick trip…but very good to see them all.

Pancakes are of the utmost importance when we make a trip to Nona and Poppy’s house. Is it because pancakes are just THAT delicious? Probably not, in all honesty…but Ali and Abby sure think they are a MUST have when they visit. Why? It is because since Ali and Abby (and now Clark) were able to eat pancakes, Nona made them “pancake ladies” (just like she did for me when I was a little girl). “Pancake ladies” you ask…yep, pancakes in the shape of ladies (sometimes perhaps a little oddly shaped…but the girls just don’t care at all!). At 10 and 8 these girls still want their pancake ladies first thing in the morning. Clark got his very first “pancake man” this weekend. Who cares if he totally didn’t get it yet…oh he will! Before long, he too will be demanding those pancake men! Nona lets them put all the chocolate chips their little hearts desire all over those pancakes…and syrup…yep, they each get their very own little bottle of syrup…to empty on those pancakes!! It will be a very sad day for Nona when these girls no longer ask for the blessed pancake ladies! But not to worry yet, Nona, I think you have many more years of pancake cooking ahead of you. 🙂 Ali, Abby, Clark, and one day Addison…will grow up remembering their special pancakes from Nona!

Congrats to my brother, Jay, sister in law, Paula, and niece, Abby as they have made it ONE step closer to bringing home their daughter (and sister), Addison, from China! They made it to the “review room” (as they call it in adoption lingo)…which is when the “powers that be” in China are actually reviewing their adoption package and will ask for questions to be answered (if there are any…and we are praying there aren’t as it will slow down the process even more) and then send them on to the next phase of the process. China adoptions have slowed down significantly over the last year…which is delaying their entire process. They have been logged into the China system for one year now…and have quite a while to go! However, each step is a praise and ONE STEP closer to holding their precious china doll. T.C., Ali, and I can totally relate to the wait…that is for sure…but now being on the other side, can also add that the wait is most definitely worth every second.

I am adding a few pictures from our quick trip to Louisiana. The motorcycle belongs to some friends of my parents. We decided to take Clark by and let him play on it. To say he loved it would be an understatement. He was so sad when we had to leave…he kept saying “motaaacyyycle”…

Lake Charles

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San Antonio….

Well, we had a great time in San Antonio over the weekend. Sea World was crazy crowded and hot…but we all had a good time. Friday we went to The Alamo, the San Antonio Missions, and took a boat ride along the River Walk. Since the missions are a National Park, Ali earned another Jr. Ranger badge. (which she has been collecting since she was 3 years old and living in New Mexico) She has earned many badges with all of our travels…we love going to National Parks.

Saturday was our trip to Sea World. We wanted to hit the shows first…so we saw Shamu and then a dolphin/beluga whale show. Russie Clark was fascinated with the Shamu show and sat for the entire 25 minute show just staring!! We weren’t expecting the crowds to be like they were, so it took longer to get from one thing to another…with a stroller. But we managed and we stayed at the park until 7:00pm! Ali really enjoyed a ski show, but Russie Clark decided to sleep through that..ha! He and I walked around while Ali and T.C. waited an hour to ride a “rapids” ride…they got SOAKED! It was so sad…Clark and I were watching from “the sidelines” and we saw T.C. and Ali ride by…I was pointing and waving…and I thought he was glad to see them…then when they were out of sight he starting crying his eyes out! He didn’t understand where they were going. Anyway, he finally calmed down and was glad to see them when they got off the ride. From there we headed over to the dolphin touch pool and the aquarium building. He LOVED watching the dolphins…as you can see by the pictures.

Hope you enjoy the pictures…we can’t wait to go back to San Antonio and explore the town some more. There seems to be a LOT to do there.

San Antonio

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Watch out Shamu…here we come!!

Thanks to “Here’s to the Hero’s” program at all Anheuser-Busch owned theme parks…we are heading to Sea World in San Antonio…FOR FREE!! All members of the armed forces get into 1 of their parks for 1 day for free, all 4 of us! We are so excited. We are heading there this evening when T.C. gets off of work and will stay until Sunday. Tomorrow we will visit The Alamo, the missions, the River Walk, and whatever else looks like fun! (Ali can call it a field trip, right?) We can’t wait to see what Russie Clark thinks of Shamu.

Well, we will post pictures as soon as we can…have to go pack…I do things better under pressure! 🙂

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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…OH MY!

Russie Clark had his first visit to the zoo today! We went to the Houston Zoo for the first time since we have lived here. Aside from it being a little hot (no…not in TX!), we had a great time. Ali brought her friend, Sierra, and fun was had by all. Clark loved the monkeys best of all…I do believe. It is just so neat for us to watch our little guy experience all these new things. It is wonderful to imagine seeing things through his little eyes….everything is new, everything is exciting. He examines everything…a plane up above, a flower on a bush, a frog in the yard, OR…a monkey in a zoo! What a gift we have been given to be able to watch him explore and learn so much about our world.


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Just couldn’t make it through lunch………

Just wanted to post these funny pictures from lunch today. I had walked out of the kitchen for a minute only to return to a sleeping boy. Now as I type this Clark is thinking he already “napped” and can’t seem to fall asleep in his bed. 🙂

The video is of him kissing all his babies after he put them to bed. Yes, he is in his underwear…the babies just HAD to be put to bed as I was trying to get him dressed. (then I couldn’t resist a couple of cute shots in his undies!!) The end of the video clip looks funny…Ali had walked into his room and he was showing her the motorcycles on his undies…too cute!!

I will be sharing some studio pictures with you soon. I took the kids to JCPenney’s yesterday and had their pictures made together. They turned out so cute. I had purchased the kids traditional Ukrainian shirts while we were over there. The shirts were too pretty not to have their picture made in them! I will get a link to the pictures in a week or so and will email it.

sleeping boy and putting babies to bed

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