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Posts from — October 2007

Why is it?????

Tell me…why is it that when a kid gets a sour stomach it HAS to happen in their HIGH CHAIR and CAR SEAT? Couldn’t it happen…oh say…as they are walking past the restroom or as they are standing near a trash can? OH NO…it is much more fun for it to go all over their high chair tray and ALLLLLL in their car seat and clothing just as you are dropping the other child off at swim practice. (of course at a time when I did NOT have a change of clothes or any wet wipes in the van!!) Just thought I would share the fun that was had today. The little guy took it all in stride though. He was happy for the most part…just didn’t have an appetite. I HOPE he doesn’t have a stomach bug…they spread like wild fire.

This is really funny…tonight as I was drying Clark off after his bath, I was talking to him about some dry patches that he keeps on his tummy. I said that next time we go to the doctor I would ask for some good cream for his skin. He looks down and points to his “manly parts” and says “DOCTOR!!!” I laugh and tell him that it is a different doctor…not THAT doctor. He looks down again and shakes his head saying “no doctor.” Guess he was having flashbacks of last weeks doctor visit.

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The star of the show…..

We are back from Shreveport, and Clark didn’t know what to make of being the star of the show. Our joke for the weekend was that he had his own fan club and was being followed by the paparazzi. (everywhere he looked there were flashes!!) Lisa, he will be calling his agent soon…he is wondering where all the photographers went! We had a great time visiting with family for a few days. We had not been there in WAY too long. Clark was able to meet his Uncle Sam finally. I hope to visit there more often. Friday evening there was a get together at my cousin’s house. It was so fun for us all to be together and for them to meet Clark. Ali was able to spend time with her cousin, Christopher, and they had a fantastic time together. It really made me appreciate that we are closer to them now that we are in TX. THANKS SHREVEPORT CLAN FOR A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

This evening we took the kids to a Trunk or Treat. We kept wondering what was going through Clark’s head. (so you mean I have to dress up…say trick or treat…and I get candy? HUH!)

Well, this is short tonight…I am exhausted from the trip…and have miles to go before I can hit the sack…(bags to unpack…yuck!)

Shreveport trip and Trunk or Treat

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3…2…1…Blast Off!!!

The space shuttle Discovery launched a few minutes ago…with T.C.in the “safety” mission control room. He is assigned to this flight…so he will be working 11 days straight with crazy hours. He will be ready for a day off when his 11 days are over. I am packing up the kids and taking them to Shreveport on Thursday while he works mission control. Samuel Clark hasn’t met his Uncle Sam whom he was named after as of yet. We are all excited to be going and seeing some of our family there.

Clark did just fine during his surgery yesterday. The hospital is a trauma center, so we knew there was a possibility that his surgery time could be bumped. Well, it was! We arrived at 6am and he wasn’t taken back to surgery until 10am. It was a rather long morning in a small hospital room…with a toddler. We were so glad there was a t.v. in the room so that he could watch cartoons. He did such a good job being a brave boy. When it was finally his turn, they gave him some medicine to relax him mixed with some Tylenol. So after he took that, we were able to walk him down to the holding area and we met the nurses and doctors that would be working with him. The medicine had kicked in at that point and even the medical staff was cracking up watching him. One doc said “I looked like that on my 21st birthday.” He was just laughing, jabbering, and rolling around. I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. I caught a little of it on video…which I am sharing…shame on me…I know!! But, the laughing ended and reality hit…our sweet boy was undergoing surgery. He tolerated the anesthesia well, which was my main concern. He awoke slowly while I was with him in the recovery room. They like for children to wake up on their own as they tend to wake up more happy that way. It was sad, he would wake up for a minute…cry…and drift back off. After several episodes like that…the nurse gave him some morphine for pain. That knocked him out yet again…and we had to wait for him to wake up enough to drink some juice and potty. He did so, and we were able to leave the hospital a little after 2pm. However, the ride home ended up being more than his tummy could handle with the anesthesia. I won’t go into detail…but after returning home his WHOLE car seat had to be taken apart and scrubbed…as did the van seat. Poor little fellow. He ended up eating some in the late afternoon and even played with his train set. I asked him when we got home…”do you want to go lie down”…his response “no, Thomas!” Well, ok then! However, the hospital pain meds wore off in the early evening and our little man was miserable! He was in so much pain last night before bed. The Tylenol with codeine helps take the edge off some…but he is definitely fighting getting his ointment applied. He is pretty happy today…already fighting with Ali…so definitely on the mend. Ha! He is still VERY sore and in quite a bit of pain. I hope this intense pain doesn’t last long…we hate seeing him like this.

Well, that is about it for now. I am off to get him some chicken nuggets…his all time favorite food!

lookin' cute and hospital....

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Toddlers are just so precious….

Remember when I would go on and on about what an angel Clark was….just so precious….wow…what a difference a week can make. He is testing his boundaries left and right! Here is a glimpse into our daily lives…”Clark, I said not to do that…if you do it again you will go to time-out…what did I just say…(meanwhile he decides he will try it again)…ok, you are going to time-out on the stairs…(then followed by scream, kick the floor, you get my point)” I have said a million times…doesn’t he know there are going to be consequences? Human nature I suppose! But, as quickly as the madness comes…it leaves…and he is our sweet boy again. To be expected with toddlerhood, I suppose.

I am posting some recent pictures. We took the kids to the Houston Zoo this morning for the Halloween at the zoo. Clark enjoyed getting a little candy, picking out a mini pumpkin, and coloring a couple of masks. There are a few from a park yesterday evening. A co-worker of T.C.’s has a wedding photography business on the side and he offered to take our first family pictures.

I love the picture of Clark over T.C.’s shoulder. The few I took are funny…if you notice the ones of Clark by the water…he is wet…he decided to pretty much scoop the water out of the pond and put it all over himself.

Pray for our little man on Monday morning. We are to have him at the Children’s Hospital in Galveston at 6:00AM for his little surgery. (getting circumcised) I am nervous, but we are just trusting God to guide the doctors. I hate the thought of him being in pain afterwards.

Houston Zoo, park, etc.

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Did he just say DINOSAUR?

Yep…Clark was playing (as usual) this morning and low and behold he blurts out “dinosaur”… You see, yesterday Ali had given him a little dinosaur toy that she came across and he remembered the name. It was so cute…such a tough word for a little guy just learning English. T.C. has been a little sad lately because the little mister is loosing his Ukrainian words. He now picks up his cars/trucks and calls them cars and trucks…not “machinas” anymore! Our little fellow is growing up….HA….all 26 1/2 lbs. of him. 🙂

For those of you that might be interested…I am re-reading the BEST parenting book ever…in our opinion. (and I have read a few…or at least bits and pieces of several) It is “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Read it if you haven’t! It makes so much sense. It talks about our goal as parents isn’t to have “perfect” behaviour from our children, but to train their hearts in God’s ways. To help our children see why their actions are wrong, and point them to the cross. It is awesome…

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