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Posts from — November 2007

It is never a good thing when……..

A family is visiting a new church and the “little fellow” decides to act up during Wed. night worship. The father takes the child to “the restroom”….and a few short minutes later screams ring out throughout the sanctuary. Oh….it is just never a good thing. I hope we are allowed back…oh, I mean…”they” are allowed back…I am leaving out names to protect the innocent. 🙂 Thanks a mill Clarky!!

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Thanksgiving in Louisiana….

Well, Thanksgiving is officially over and the Christmas season has begun. We had a nice Thanksgiving in Louisiana with my parents. My brother and his family stopped by later that afternoon for a while, and Ali was able to spend the night with her cousin. I, as usual, ate WAY too much! The food seemed endless. Now I must try and watch the waistline until Christmas when I will turn around and do the same thing. Heehee!!!

My mom and dad already had their Christmas tree up so that the children could enjoy it. As you can see by the pictures…Clark spent most of his time by the tree. He LOVED it and couldn’t get enough of it. It was so cute…I would tell him time and again not to touch the ornaments (which he would take off and rearrange)…and he just couldn’t help himself. He could NOT keep his hands off. Finally I just quit trying and watched him closely so he wouldn’t break any. He loved this tiny nativity set they had out. He would take the pieces for rides in his trucks. We were forever on the lookout for missing pieces. We even found him outside looking intently at their fence………and he had stuck Mary in part of the fence and gotten her stuck. However, T.C. came and rescued her! In the pictures you will see Clark carrying around a breakable duck. Mom has these breakable ducks and cats that people have given her through the years and Clark just loves them for some reason. He is always carrying them around, rocking them, holding them, etc. He HAD to have them in the pictures!

We are tackling our Christmas decorating at the moment. It is taking WAY longer than ever before. While we lived in our little townhouse in Louisville, we didn’t get out all of our decorations due to space. Add that to the fact that it is my FAVORITE time of the year and I can’t keep myself from buying up MORE decorations…and my mom is forever giving us more cute things she finds as well. Long story short…we have boxes and boxes and boxes of decorations!! I love snowmen, so we also have TONS of those. Anyway, it is taking us a long time to figure out where everything is going to go. We actually need to get another tree to put upstairs for our extra ornaments. We already have 2 trees downstairs. (a little overboard, well perhaps) It will be fun…until it is time to pack it all up!! But, we will enjoy it while it lasts.

Let us hear how your Thanksgiving was!! Here are some pictures from Louisiana and also of Ali and Clark putting up his little tree in his room.


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A turkey hat?

Thought I would mention a few cute things Clark has done lately. A couple of days ago I noticed Ali’s bedroom door was closed and I knew that Clark had gone in there. I went through her bathroom and peeked in to find a photo shoot going on. Clark had his “view master” and a stool and was sitting in front of Ali’s door. He was acting like he was taking pictures of Ali with his view master. He would tell her to sit this way or that way…have her hold a stuffed animal, etc. Then, when he was “finished” he would tell her “good job!” It was so funny. (do I take too many pictures, or what?)

We bought Clark a Thanksgiving set from Fisher Price. It has pilgrims, Indians, and a picnic table with food on top. It also came with a plastic turkey for the table that is hollow underneath. Well, I bought him a Thanksgiving book and sat down to try and explain our Thanksgiving….feeling pretty proud of myself that I made the effort…I turn around and find that he had put the turkey on an Indian as a hat. Well, guess he didn’t quite get it…….maybe next year. 🙂

To give a little background on this one…every once in a while I will joke with Clark when he has done something like…oh say…called “MAMA” for the millionth time in a row. I will say “oh Clark..you are killing me”….so anyway, Ali had taken him outside the other day to jump on the trampoline and had forgotten to take his socks off. (they turn black) So, when he ran inside for something I caught him and told him to take his socks off before he went back out and without missing a beat he yanked the socks off and said “oh, you are killing me.”

Another funny he has done lately is say something is nasty. It is the way he says it. I think he heard us say it when he does something like burp at the table or whatever. I will tell him “that is nasty, say excuse me.” So now he will say that when something happens. Timmy yawned in is face the other night (and yes, I admit he has TERRIBLE old doggy breath) and Clark told him “oh Timmy that is naaasty.”

turkey hat

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Holidays….they are approaching!

Is it just me…or can anyone else believe that Christmas is right around the corner? It just seems that every year seems to pass faster than the one before it. What about all the places putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier each year? Some were putting things out before Halloween! I mean, can we get through Thanksgiving first?

We do love to put our decorations out a little early as well. Our tradition is to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am so excited this year. I just can’t wait to see Clark’s face when the tree lights go on. So many things we look forward to…baking cookies, explaining the Nativity, putting the ornaments on the tree, driving around looking at lights, Christmas music (love, love, love it!!), and so much more. It is my all time favorite time of year.

This year, of all years, we really want to bring our focus back on the true meaning of Christmas. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the commercialism of it all. What do we want, what can we buy, what is the “new thing” this year? We want to focus on the manger in Bethlehem so many years ago. When God sent his son, Jesus, to come into the world as a tiny babe. We want to focus on what Christ did for us so many years ago. To take our focus away from the world’s view of Christmas, and return to the manager. We are so excited…will you join us on the journey? We will be blogging our holiday season. Leave us comments on what you do as a family to focus on Christ during Christmas. We are always looking for new ideas. One thing we have always done is have a birthday cake for Jesus. This year we are hosting Christmas at our home…so the children (along with our niece), will be baking the cake all by themselves. I found beautiful ornaments that say “Happy Birthday Jesus” that they will each get. We also bought Clark a Fisher Price Nativity set that he can play with. That way he doesn’t have to be told to “not touch” like the others we have. This one he can touch, play with, and learn the story.

I can’t wait to view this holiday season through the eyes of a child that has never before experienced anything like this. To truly have that sense of awe and wonder.

What are your holiday plans? We are spending Thanksgiving in Lake Charles with my family…another first for our son. Let us all focus on what we have to be thankful for. The list is endless, is it not? I take so much for granted. This Thanksgiving our cup runneth over. God poured his blessings upon us this year with the joining of our son into our family. We are so thankful for our almost 11 year old daughter, our little son, for each other, our health, home, our needs being met, oh how I could go on. We look forward to our first holiday with Clark home. We waited a long time to be able to say that!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Boys will be boys, right?

Boys will be boys, regardless if they are born in Ukraine or the good ole’ USofA!! Isn’t that right? As I am getting Clark dressed this morning, I begin to take off his pull-up and put on his underwear…he gets a HUGE grin on his face, grabs his “manly equipment” and starts making a peeing sound…pppppssssssssssssssssss!!!!! He was oh so very proud of himself for being funny. Meanwhile, I bite my cheek to not laugh and give him the motherly “that is not very polite” speech!! Hardy har har har……yep, gotta love boys!!

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