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Posts from — April 2008

Who says make-over parties are just for girls?

Ok, so we headed to Lake Charles on Friday so that Ali and her friend, Sierra, could attend Abby’s 9th birthday party. (Abby is our niece) Well, have any of you heard of a Club Libby Lu party? Well, Lake Charles is fairly small…so they have a local version called Club Tabby. You can check out this website http://www.clublibbylu.com/ to see what it was like. It was cute. The girls get their hair done complimented with crazy colored hairspray, nails painted, make-up, dress up clothes, walk a runway, etc. Ali, being anti girly girl, just had blue spray in her hair and nails painted. She left the other stuff for the younger girls. It was cute watching them all strut their stuff on the runway! Well, I will admit, Clark decided that NO girl was upstaging him…yes, he jumped right up there and strutted his stuff also. You will see in the pictures that someone stuck a PINK hat on him…we are still searching for the culprit of that one. Ha! We secretly called him “Hef” during the party (as in Hefner!!) They called each girl up by name and had them walk the runway…at the end, they leaned down and asked Clark his name…and called him up there as well. Too funny! After the party, Ali and Sierra headed over to Abby’s for a sleepover. They stayed up until at least midnight and were awake again by 7:00am! Needless to say, Ali and Sierra slept most of the way back home.

Clark is registered for preschool! We finally made a decision on where to send him in the fall. I fell in love with a small program at a church very close to us. They only allow like 28 children total…and that is spread between 2,3, and 4 year olds. I think he will have maybe 10 children in his class. The director was so sweet and I just felt at peace that it was the right place for him. It is actually called “Mother’s Day Out”, but they have very structured days with crafts, letters/numbers/etc., chapel, memorize a Bible verse every week, gymnastics once a month, story-time, etc. I think he will love it. He was able to take a tour of his room. He will attend twice a week from 9-2. They bring their lunches also.

This week Ali and Clark made stepping stones for our front patio. I wanted to get his little hands and feet in stone while they were still small. Nona and Poppy gave them the kits for Christmas. They turned out cute. Ali made the state of TX, and I put Clark’s hand and footprint on his. He is so proud of it. Every time he walks by it he has to talk about it. Pretty cute.

We decided to let Ali attend her first summer camp in July. She is attending with 2 of her best friends…Ashlyn and Sierra. They are all so excited. It is a Lutheran camp located in La Grange, TX (in the hill country). Check it out http://www.lomt.com/ ! It looks like so much fun…Ali loves the outdoors. We drop her off on a Sunday, and pick her up on Friday. I think it will be a great experience, and opportunity to meet many different people.

Ali was asked to move up into the next level in swimming. She is now expected to swim a minimum of 8 hours per week. EEK! Oh and I already felt like we lived at the pool. Ha! She loves it though. She will swim 2 hours 3 evenings during the week, and 2 hours on Saturday mornings. She and Sierra also want to join the same summer swim league that they were on last year. It is our community swim league…Dickinson Gators. I suppose we will let her do that, I mean…why not swim every SINGLE day of the week…right? Ok…not really, but it feels like that. I think she will swim mostly with her normal swim team and just occasionally with the summer league…mainly she wants to participate in the weekend meets to see how she has improved from last summer….and to see her friends that swam last year.

We only have about 24 days of school left…yahoo!!! We are SOOOOO ready for summer. We leave for our little vacation in 19 days, but who is counting? Ok, we are!! Destin…here we come!

We were in the living room this afternoon and we thought we heard Clark playing in the front room. It was a strange sound so we called him…no answer. T.C. went into in there and found Happy’s nose plastered to the front door and the noise continued. There was a snapping turtle at our front door. It was seeing his reflection and snapping at it. T.C. had to pick it up with a shovel and take it back to the ditch beside our neighbor’s house. Interesting thing to find, to say the least.

Have a wonderful week!

birthday party

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A swim meet weekend…

Well, we spent our entire weekend either at the pool or driving to/from there. Since the pool was an hour away at least 2 hours each day were spent in the car. Ali’s friend, Sierra, spent the weekend with us also…as her parents were busy this weekend and couldn’t get her to the meet. So…we also had giggling girls for 2 days. 🙂

Ali swam in 6 events between the two days…her last being a 200 meter freestyle. She was exhausted after that! She did well…all we ever ask of her is to do her best. That is all we can ask of her. We don’t care if she comes in first or last, if it is her best. What I have really enjoyed seeing her learn is what being part of a team means. Learning to encourage the other team members, even though some are much stronger swimmers than she is! I love that. I love to hear her tell a friend that she did great, even though I know it stings a little that one of her friends is a super talented swimmer and comes in first a lot. They cheer each other on, help each other out, and encourage one another. That is what I hope she takes from this experience!

Our poor little Clark man got TWO bloody noses this week! As if spinning around on the trampoline and hitting one of the poles wasn’t enough, he ran into another pole at the pool today and it happened again. He doesn’t really look where he is going…like EVER! I was holding his hand and watched it happened, but couldn’t do anything about it. I hate situations like that…where you want to protect them, but it is too late. I look over and his poor nose was pouring blood. We were so glad he didn’t hit his teeth! Let’s just say between the bloody noses and a few falls scraping up parts of his legs…he has had a rough few days. Hopefully we will have an accident free week. I should get used to the scrapes though…with having a boy, right?

Hope everyone has a great week….it is after 9:00pm and we have been gone all weekend. I will close this for now.

swim meet

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Lizards…the new obsession!

Our children are obsessed with lizards. They catch them all the time and put them in containers to observe them. Even Clark has taken a liking to the little critters. Our bushes out front are sometimes covered in them. The other day, one unfortunate catch had to endure a ride in a plastic boat in Clark’s water table. Then, that same lizard was brought inside and Ali had it climbing up Clark’s shirt. He thought that was the greatest thing. (meanwhile I am thinking…oh yikes…if that thing gets loose!)

On Saturday morning, Clark gets up and goes into Ali’s room. She is already awake and had her window opened enjoying the fresh morning air. I walk in and find Clark sitting beside her, both staring out of the window. It was so precious…that of course I had to get a picture. They later curled up under the covers for a minute. I love moments like this!

Saturday was our “work in the yard” day. Oh what fun…or not. We wanted to take advantage of some cool weather so that we were not melting while in the yard. We knew we would be tied up the next two weekends with a swim meet next weekend and our niece’s birthday party in Louisiana the week after that. So..we planted flowers all afternoon. Ali was all ready to help out…then she quit after she claimed some pots for herself and planted her 4. Ummm, thanks a lot kiddo! She picked out some pepper plants, mint, and lemon basil for her pots. The neighborhood bunnies have already taken a munch out of some. Bummer, hope they don’t eat them all up. Any suggestions on keeping bunnies out of our plants?

The pictures of Clark feeding the ducks were taken last week. While Ali swims, we have been walking around a lake in a neighborhood close to the pool. The lake has ducks that Clark enjoys feeding. They come waddling up when you stop on the sidewalk. We have enjoyed our evening walks very much. (not sure how we will feel in July when it is 100 degrees out…ha!!)

We are in the middle of writing our first “post placement report” for Ukraine. For the first 3 years after adopting you must have a social worker write a report on the child’s adjustment, etc…then one has to be done every 3rd year until the child is 18. Ours has to be into our agency by June. We, however, want ours finished before we go on vacation in a month. It is fun thinking about how far our little guy has come since being home. He has been an amazing trooper! We are so blessed to have a friend here that is a licensed social worker. She has offered to do ours free of charge! Actually, we are writing it and she is reading and signing it…she might add a thing here and there if she chooses. We really just need a copy of her license to put with the report.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

feeding ducks, our yard, and lizards…

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A couple of matching cuties….

Even though Ali is 11, she still thinks it is pretty cute to match her brother. But the pictures prove it…….of course they are cute!!! 🙂 She waited a long time for them to wear these shirts. Quite a while before we even went to Ukraine, Ali had a little gift card for the Disney store. She decided to spend it on matching shirts for she and her future sibling…we just chose a neutral print in the smallest size they offered.

Ok…so here is a visual for you…as of Sunday, we are some of the newest members of Hope Lutheran Church. We were supposed to go down front during worship with the other 6 families that were joining at the same time. We do, and we thought all was going to be fine. Then it happened, Clark decided he didn’t want to JUST stand down front…why not lie down where we take communion…yes, that sounded perfect to him. So he does…we try to ignore it…and then he decides lying down is a little boring…why not kick his feet all around in the air. T.C. was closest to him…so I lean over and ask him to please grab Clark…he does…but we quickly find out that moving is just not on his list of things to do right then. So he puts up a squirmy, whiny, etc. fight. We TRY to act like all is well…hoping everyone just ignores the noise coming from the small child that T.C. is holding on to. Shew, we were a little relieved when we were able to head back to our pew! Then, the church held a potluck lunch for all of the new members…that is where the pastor introduced us all by name. We would stand up from our table so that people could see who we were. Here is our introduction from our pastor…”and this is T.C. and Rachel Judd, their daughter, Ali…and son, handful Clark.” Everyone got a big kick out of that while T.C. and I were just shaking our heads! He later comes over to our table and tells us that he can say that because he has a 3 year old grandson that acts the same way…Ha! At least we are not alone.

Clark for sure can be a handful these days, however, he also brings unspeakable joy to our lives. His language is coming along everyday. It was funny over the weekend he had told me something several times because I kept asking him to repeat it (I didn’t understand him)…he finally looked at me and said “uh, I told you 2 times.” T.C. said, “well I guess he told you.” Yes, I suppose so! As of April 16th, he will have been home 8 months. I just can’t believe it. The time is passing so quickly. Before I know it he will be heading off to college….haha, ok, getting a little ahead of myself.

Mickey shirts

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Our Saturday….

We woke up this morning and planned to taking the kids to ride the trolley along the beach in Galveston. We get there….and the trolleys were not running today. Just our luck. Clark was not very happy about that. However, there was a neat bird show going on that we were able to watch. The kids also HAD to go to their favorite old fashion candy/ice cream shop and watch the man make taffy (they do a demonstration every Sat.) and catch a few free pieces they he tosses out. Ali loves salt water taffy, and always talks me into letting her get a couple of dollars worth. We surprised the kids afterwards and took them to have lunch at Rainforest Cafe’. It is so expensive that we do not go often…Clark had never been. He was mesmerized by the entire inside of the restaurant. When the thunderstorms would start, and the animals started moving…it scared him a little. I walked him around when we got there and he liked the gorillas from a distance, but when I asked if I could sit him down to get a picture…he said “no, too scary!” He was brave enough to touch the elephant’s trunk and would you believe that right when we reached over to touch it that it started to move and he about jumped out of his skin. I felt so bad. But, all in all he enjoyed being there. That is one of Ali’s favorite places to go. Though she has only been to Rainforest Cafe’ about a handful of times in her life at different locations. It is a special treat when she does go.

Clark was invited to his first real birthday party today. It was a pirate party where they had a live interactive little pirate show.He had a great time…though it got a little long for Mama! A zillion screaming kids running around for almost 3 hours got to be a bit much. Hahaha…but in the van heading home he said it was really fun, so it was worth it. It was a little boy from gymnastics class.While we were partying it up…arrrrghhhh matey, Ali and T.C. went to a movie and had some great Daddy/daughter time.

Galveston and birthday party

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