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Going crazy around here……

Ok, so it is too quiet around here this week. Ali and her best friend, Sierra, are in Louisiana attending a music camp that my brother is leading at their church. They are staying with my mom (as my dad is out of town this week). They are having a great time…however, I sure miss her. Clark and I will be going over on Wednesday and bring the clan home on Friday afternoon. She will go to swim practice Friday evening, attend a swim meet on Saturday, we will leave bright and early Sunday morning to head BACK to Louisiana so the girls can participate in the musical that they are learning this week (they learn a musical at camp and present it during morning worship), then rush back here so that Ali can play her guitar in a recital Sunday afternoon. Wowzers!! As you can see, it will be one crazy weekend.

We have been having some fun the last week. I started watching Sierra and her brother, Jacob, last week. I will watch them off and on throughout the summer. One day I took them to Space Center Houston (our kids LOVE that place…obviously!) and they had a blast. I had to just about drag them out of there.

Ali had her last summer league swim meet this past Saturday. The only thing left is a special meet on Saturday. She made a certain time on her events and it qualified her for this meet. (lucky us…hahaha…just kidding…she was proud of herself) So after Saturday the summer league is officially over…minus a pool party in July. She will be back to just her year around team. She will get 3 weeks off for a summer break in August which will be very nice. What will we do not going to the pool just about every night? It will definitely be strange.

Clark……OH CLARK….he has been a little tart for the past week or so. Tart is putting it nicely. I don’t know what has gotten into that little guy. We are having to buckle down and be extremely consistent with consequences. He really fights us. He is either super sweet/compliant/easy going…….OR……strong willed/irritable/fighting our authority, etc. It is exhausting! However, I know we will overcome this. He truly has a very sweet nature and we DO love him dearly. He is just wiping his poor Mama out. Ha!!

So what good books are you guys reading these days? I am horrible at trying to get through like 3 books at one time…..never quite finishing any of them! Anyone else like that? Right now I am usually reading some type of parenting book. I am trying to get through Bringing Up Boys, The Strong Willed Child (both of those are by Dr. James Dobson), and What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey. Bringing Up Boys has been so helpful in understanding boys…they are OH SO DIFFERENT than girls. What’s So Amazing About Grace is fabulous. We are going through it during the Sunday School hour at church. It is so convicting in its teaching of God’s grace. I love a quote by C.S. Lewis that is included in the book “To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God forgives the inexcusable in you.” If that isn’t convicting, I don’t know what is. In the book Yancey makes a statement, “Grace alone melts ungrace.” I just love that. How often do we harbor resentment and hostility towards someone when we should be showing grace because of the grace Christ offers to us. I am so glad that I decided to take the study and read this book.

Oh, the cutest Clark story. This past weekend we had a storm pass through and T.C. spotted a double rainbow outside afterwards. He called for us all to go outside and check it out. As we were turning around to come inside Clark adds, “Noah did it.” We were shocked that he put that together. Ok, so he wasn’t exactly right…but close enough! That was awesome.

So where are the comments blog friends? What are you guys doing this summer…please share!!

Oh, I will clarify about the picture with Clark and the gator…it is fake. Since the summer swim team are the “Gators”…they have this fake gator at the pool. However, after looking at the picture it looked like I plopped our son right down by a gator. Ummmm, NO NO NO!!

summer happenings

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Summer outing….

We had a fun outing to Space Center Houston yesterday. However, I think every summer program in Houston had the same idea. There were kids everywhere! There were YMCA groups, day cares, etc. Wew! We got there just in the nick of time and were able to get in line right before most of them. SCH has a traveling exhibit called “Daredevil Island” that I thought the kids would enjoy. Boy did they! Clark was too small for some of it, but he enjoyed what he was able to do. Here is what it says on the SCH website: “Nowhere else can you swing high in the air unharnessed on a giant trapeze; test your climbing skills on a 4 story high spider web; bungee jump on bouncy trampolines; or test survival skills through a mystical maze! Thrill-seeking visitors craving an “Indiana Jones” type of experience will discover a wild expedition only at Daredevil Island!” At first I thought “sounds good, but what will it really be like?” You know when you expect something grand and you get there and it is a flop? However, we were pleasantly surprised that it was exactly like it sounded. Ali was able to swing from a trapeze, climb a tower of bungee cords, and more. Clark was able to jump on the trampoline with a harness, try his hand at the tower of bungee cords (he was just too small to make it past the first level), and he did the maze with Ali. The worker that helped Clark into the harness later told me that he needed to be on a diet of steak and eggs so he could be a football player. Ha! Yes, he’s little…we know! They also played in the huge play structure a little before getting overrun with all of the other kids. I am sure we will be going back while that exhibit is there.

Ali began a morning swim practice this week…….can I just say it gives new meaning to the word MORNING. I had her at the pool by 5:30 (as in AM!!) and she swam until 7:30! Oh the life of a swimmer…. But, that is just for the month of June. Next month we are back to her 2 hour evening practices. Right now they are sharing the pool with a summer league and therefore having to work around their practices. Believe it or not she doesn’t seem to mind it…once she is actually awake. She is a little slow to get out of the door. Ha! Well, one summer league swim meet tomorrow and then one more to go next Saturday. (no complaints here) She will have 3 weeks off from her year around team for “summer break” in August…..what will we do with ourselves? Just imagine 3 weeks of NO practice. I am not sure what that will be like.

We are awaiting a referral to go through for Clark to see an ENT. He had an appointment with his pediatrician this week, and she decided that we do need to move forward with his speech issues. She said we must first rule out a medical issue for the nasal sounding speech before we hit full force with speech therapy. My gut feeling is that it is a learned speech issue and perhaps not medical. He is…shall we say…a little lazy when it comes to his speech. He will run things together, skip what he would consider not important words, and just doesn’t take his time to speak clearly. We have been trying to be more diligent with making him repeat us word for word. He gets frustrated, but I think it will help. We will see. It could be much worse. We just want to take care of it before he gets older. He is so darn cute it is easy to let the speech slide sometimes. 🙂 On a side note, our little man has grown 3 inches since he came home last Aug. Wahoo! He is now 37 1/2 inches tall and 30 lbs. So at 4 1/2 years old he isn’t on the growth chart yet, but I have confidence he will be soon.

I want to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY early to my wonderful hubby! Our children are blessed beyond measure to have such a fabulous Daddy. And HFD to my Dad and father in law…..we love you both! Oh yes, my brother has something to celebrate this Father’s Day also…..they are expecting a baby boy in November. How exciting…we need another boy in this family! (congrats again Jay and Paula…don’t worry, I’ll try not to spoil him too much…NOT…heehee!!!)

Space Center Houston

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Our summer has begun!

Well, it is scorching here in good ole’ Texas with temps already in the 90’s. Ugh…guess this means we have one hot summer ahead of us. Thank goodness for AC and the beach! The beach usually has a nice breeze.

We had a fun start to summer with family in town for a few days. I tortured them with touristy “stuff” (heehee…hopefully I didn’t REALLY torture them) The first day we spent several hours at the Kemah Boardwalk. Our kids love it out there and our cousin, Christopher did also. The 3 kids played in a dancing fountain for quite a while. I think they would have stayed much longer, but the adults were melting. We were just about to the point of running through the fountain as well. We also took them on the little train ride, had lunch, and fed some sting rays. They have a large tank full of sting rays that you can feed. Clark just couldn’t get up the courage to stick his hand in the tank….so Mama had to feed those STINKY little fish to the rays. My hands smelled forever after that. LOVELY!! After Kemah, we hit Dairy Queen on the way home for some much needed ice cream. That evening Ali had swim practice, so we just stayed around here. The next morning we got up and headed to Galveston for the day. We took a drive down the main drag to see the beach and then we stopped at the state park to let the kids play in the ocean. They had a great time. Clark is always content to dump out all of his sand toys and go to town digging in the sand. There was a storm out at sea, so there was a lot of seaweed and rough waters. The children didn’t seem to mind at all…despite the not so pretty water that left their white shirts discolored. Oh well!! We then headed to The Strand District to visit Ali and Clark’s favorite old fashioned ice cream parlor and candy store. All in all we had a great time and enjoyed their visit VERY much. Lisa, you didn’t think I would include that picture of Clark with that *funnel* did you? Ok, I will explain…we were in a Wings beach shop and Clark spotted a beer bong….his Aunt Lisa just COULDN’T resist getting a shot of him with it. I know it was a little tacky of me to include it…but what can I say? Let’s hope he isn’t a future wild frat boy!! Ha! Mom, I know you are thinking “oh we raised her better than this.” Ha!! No, I lied and told him it was a huge funnel to play on the beach with…heehee. Don’t worry…we didn’t buy it!!

T.C. is officially a chaplain in the Texas Air National Guard 147th Reconnaissance Wing……..FINALLY! This has been over a year in the making. He transferred out of the Air Force Reserve into the Guard. We just didn’t know it would take SO long. But, the wait is over and he is very excited about this new chapter in his military career. He began work this weekend. He will pull one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year (or something like that). Today we attended a family day at the base. It was fun and the kids enjoyed it. They were changing from a fighter wing to the reconnaissance wing, so they had a ceromony for that. Afterwards, there was a catered lunch, bouncy houses for the kids, car displays, plane displays, booths, etc. Ali loved looking at all the cars as she is quite a fan! Clark loved the bouncy houses and literally cried when it was time to get out. I was able to meet the other chaplains and a few wives. We are excited to see what ministry opportunities the Lord opens up for T.C.

We hung a bird feeder in our grand oak tree the other day. Ok, it isn’t so grand…it is a baby actually! T.C. still questions why a builder would plant the slowest growing tree in the yard of a new house. Ha!! He wants to uproot it…but I have become quite attached to it. Anyway, Ali and I were doing school the other day when I looked outside. I thought the bird at the feeder looked odd. I went outside for a closer look and low and behold it was a parakeet. I am guessing someone in the neighborhood is missing their pet bird. It has returned several times since then…quite an odd little sight.We have very much enjoy watching all the birds that show up at our lone little feeder. We have quite a few birds despite our lack of trees in this neighborhood. Lisa brought us a hummingbird feeder this past week, and we are anxious to see if some hummingbirds find it soon!

Clark is continuing to do well. His speech still needs quite a bit of work, but maybe this is to be expected with changing languages only 9 1/2 months ago. If we still feel he is behind in a few months I will have him re-evaluated by the speech pathologist. We understand a lot of what he says, but others don’t always. Aside from that we are having some whining/crying issues, but we are really working on that. I think it will improve over time. He just gets upset easily…I am sure it somehow stems from orphanage life. I don’t mean he throws fits, it is literally just a true cry. (but still grates on the nerves after the millionth time..haha) Anyway, when the fam was here this week we took the kids to our pool one evening. Clark was really getting the hang of the whole swimming thing! He just might take after his big sister after all. He was really moving those arms and kicking those legs. You could tell he had watched Ali a zillion times as he was trying to move his head like on freestyle. Now that was quite funny! We also think he is going to love music. He hums to himself non stop. He will start children’s choir and hand bells in the fall. He loves it when the children perform a hand bell special in church. He stops what he is doing, stands up, and doesn’t take his eyes off of them until they are finished. Uncle Jay, does that just warm your heart?

That about sums up our start to summer. Leave comments on what is going on with you guys and your summer plans!

Here are some photos from the week. It is not letting me post captions with the pictures. I will try again another time….blogger is giving me a fit tonight.

some summer fun

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