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Glorifying the Father of the Fatherless

I came across this article on John Piper’s website and loved it. Click here!

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Happy Adoption Day our sweet Clark!

I forgot to add some Clark “funnies” to my post the other day. Ali and I were petting our cat, Angel, the other day and Clark walks up and says “Angel is sooooo prettiful”…it took us a minute to realize he meant beautiful. Isn’t that cute? The other night at dinner we were clowning around and I was telling Clark something and he told me “you are driving me crazy”….wonder where in the world he heard that? Hummm! His favorite song these days is “I like to move it move it I like to move it…” He will sing his heart out!

Has everyone enjoyed their summer? It is flying by incredibly fast here. I can’t believe it is the end of July already. (and Ali can’t believe school is about to start back) We have enjoyed our summer very much. This weekend was spent shopping for new cell phones, after a little mishap at swimming yesterday. It seems Ali “misplaced” my cell phone at swim practice yesterday morning. I sometimes send her to practice with my phone so that she can call if they get out of practice early. However, it didn’t make it home this time. We went back in search of it, but it had vanished. Soooo….out phone shopping we did go. Thank goodness we were actually eligible for upgrades. It was just a bummer because I lost all of my phone numbers. So that is what I spent too long last night doing…programing my new phone. Then, the rest of the afternoon we spent in search of the perfect mattress. Aaahhh….ours is shot and we have put it off for far too long. Ok people….I will just say that there are WAY TOO many mattress choices out there. Eeek! Was that just about enough boring information for you?

On to other things…like our upcoming Happy Adoption Day! I have been reminiscing quite a bit the last few weeks. I can’t believe a year has come and gone since our adoption became final. It seems impossible. We waited what felt like an eternity to bring Clark home, now a year has passed. We have been trying to get him excited about his big day coming up on Friday. We were telling him the other night before bed time about it and he was getting so giddy with excitement, though we know he doesn’t fully understand it. When we were explaining he had been part of our family for a year he proudly announced, “UKRAINE”…yes our son, that is where it all began. One year ago I knew that I would love our son completely, I was pretty sure I would feel the same way about him that I feel for Ali…surely biology didn’t matter, right? But now I know with confidence that I do love him completely and biology DOES NOT matter. He is our son, that is all that matters. Love is not bound by the blood that runs through our veins. Adoption is very much a miracle gift given to us by God. How far has our son come in a year? Wow, he is such a resilient little guy. He left his home country, the only place he had ever known, to be part of a family. He waved good-bye to the children he had grown up with, and the caregivers that had given of themselves to care for him. He proudly left the orphanage, and ran to our waiting taxi…ready for his new life. It was as though God had prepared his heart for just that moment in time. He excitedly loaded our plane in Kiev, Ukraine bound for a new land. He overcame food issues, a new language, new faces, having freedom and choices for the first time, and most importantly he was introduced to our Father in Heaven. He is learning about his Savior, someone he had more than likely never heard about. How beautiful that is to be an eyewitness to. He learned his first Bible verse this past week. A soft answer turns away wrath. Proverbs 15:1. God is so good. Does he have a ways to go? Absolutely. He still needs reassurance in areas, he is still very much a creature of a schedule, still likes to eat a little too much, he is by nature a whiny boy, still needs a little warning on changes, etc. But those things are so minor when compared to the big picture. He doesn’t seem interested in learning colors and shapes….he honestly doesn’t care if it is red, green, purple, a triangle, or the number 20. He wonders why in the world that is of importance. It will all come in time…I am confident. Though he has managed to memorize a lot of “The Lord’s Prayer” and recites it with us in church every Sunday morning. I feel certain that is more important anyway. He is just on his own timetable. So would we do it again…..in a heartbeat! In fact, I am ready to adopt again. So if someone were to drop a large chunk of change in our laps any time soon…..Ukraine, here we come!! Heehee…but since that is not likely to happen…we will wait to see what the Lord leads us to do.

I sat in worship this morning with my arm around our precious daughter, and our sweet son on the other side playing with a couple of Hot Wheels. I thought to myself “how blessed am I.” Thank you Lord. The pastor pointed us to the cross of Christ and how nothing in this life is for certain except for that. Only our eternity through the cross is certain. Things in this life will disappoint us, but we have confidence in the cross. What a great reminder.

Then…..and now!

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Our weekend getaway……

In true Judd fashion what started out to be a nice, romantic weekend…..ended up with me at the urgent care center getting a steroid injection and prescription for yet MORE steroids. YEP!! Oh well…better luck to us next time! Ha!

My parents came into town on Friday so that T.C. and I could head up to downtown Houston for the National Guard marriage enrichment seminar (that he was helping teach). Started out great…met the other chaplain wives…yada yada yada…have our Friday evening session, head to bed….only to wake up with an allergic reaction to something which resulted in HIVES!! Yes, I was pretty much miserable…but thank goodness the hotel shop carried Benadryl. I made it through the Saturday sessions (which lasted from 8am-4pm)…albeit a little drowsy from the medicine. Well, we had a nice romantic evening planned beginning with a nice dinner downtown. But in all actuality we ended up going on a group date with the other chaplains and their wives and ended with me crashing in our bed from taking 2 Benadryl. Yeah, not the weekend we had anticipated. Well, the Benadryl kept me fairly comfortable until 5am…made it through our morning sessions and headed back home…T.C. put the pedal to the medal and got me to the urgent care center. Doc said “yep, you had an allergic reaction…we don’t know what caused it…but I have what it takes to fix it”…I said “do what you have to do!!” So in walks the nurse with the steroid shot…informs me that it has to go into the muscle in my hip…but fails to inform me that the intense pain afterwards would cause me to about pass out. THANKS!! But here I am 4 hours later SOOOOOOO glad I went to the doctor, despite the pain. My itching has subsided quite a bit. YIPPY! Now I have to take 5 days worth of oral steroids. I am so thankful for the relief…it was beginning to scare me a little as I was having some joint swelling, etc. Still not sure what caused it, didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. T.C. says it was because I was so stressed about leaving Clark for the first time. I haven’t spent a night away from him since we brought him home. The thought of it did stress me a little…but I didn’t feel stressed enough to cause this. Sheesh!! Who knows. Come to find out Clark was GREAT for my parents…very obedient, sweet, a snuggle bunny, etc. YIPPY!! Though he did end up calling several times because he “want talk to Mama.” SWEET!!!

Enough about that…Ali and Clark had a great time with Nona and Poppy this weekend. They kept them busy with activities and going out for ice cream, etc. Saturday they went to Space Center Houston and fought the vacation crowd. Today they went to Galveston and rode the ferry, and ate lunch at a restaurant on the water. Sounds fun to me! We so appreciate them coming here to keep the children.

This coming Friday Clark will be evaluated by an ENT to see if there is a medical reason for his nasal speech. We are anxious to see what he says, and anxious to begin speech therapy if there is not a medical reason.

That about sums up our weekend. No pictures to add. I am hoping my parents took some, but I haven’t asked.

July 20, 2008   3 Comments

Then there were 4 again…….

We missed our girl like crazy this week. It was her first time to be away at an overnight camp…and I am proud to say…I survived!! The wimpy mom that I am wasn’t too thrilled about it…but I did make it. Ha! As for Ali, she had the most incredible week…and for that I am thankful. She met a lot of new people, experienced camp life, had a great counselor, and learned more about God. It was a wonderful camp. She was able to canoe for the first time, and said it was the highlight of the week. Let me just discuss my laundry issue……..for starters….GROSS doesn’t even begin to describe it. Seriously! They got grubby, muddy, sweaty…..and then they brought it ALL home. Her tennis shoes were in great shape just a measly week ago…2 pair mind you! I will just say that we will be tennis shoe shopping very soon!! All that said, it was worth it for her to have experienced it all. The cabins had names and hers was “The Truth”. Isn’t that neat…another was “The Light”, etc. She slept almost 12 hours last night, guess she was extremely tired. Every morning they woke up at 7:00 and didn’t go to sleep until 11:30 or so at night. The in between hours were very busy with games, Bible study, swimming, canoeing, hiking, water play, and ended with a group devotion before heading to their cabins for much needed showers! I am assuming the kids melted into their beds at night. Oh, they even got to have a cook-out and camped outside one night. A very neat thing that they did after the closing ceremony yesterday is that each cabin huddled together afterwards and ended in prayer. It was a beautiful sight to see!

Ali even turned down a birthday party that she was invited to today. It was a boating party where they were going to go tubing and ride a jet ski. SHE TURNED IT DOWN….she definitely was wiped out. Hey, we didn’t have parties like that when we were kids…I wanted to ask if I could go!! Ha! But, me tubing…no that wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

T.C. has National Guard duty this whole weekend. The kids and I are going to see the American Girl movie “Kit” that is out. Ali used to read ALL those books when she was younger. I have heard that it is a really cute movie.

Clark had a fun week even though he wasn’t too happy that Ali was gone. I tried to keep him busy with friends. Tuesday he had a play date with some little twin girls from church, Wednesday we went with another little friend to “Palm Beach” in Galveston…it is a man made beach with white sand beaches and chlorinated water and all sorts of fun fountains and things for kids, Thursday I took him to see “Wall-E” at the theater and later that day a friend came over to play for a few hours…..and yesterday we were off to pick up Ali. This afternoon, Ali has an end of the year swim party for her summer swim league. Next weekend doesn’t slow down with T.C. having to teach at a marriage conference for the National Guard in downtown Houston…and I will be joining him. My parents will be coming to keep the children. Summers sure can get busy……but we are having fun!

On a different note……….this time one year ago today, we were seeing a picture of our sweet son for the very first time! One year ago today we had our appointment at the adoption center in Kyiv or also spelled Kiev, Ukraine. We would hold him for the first time the very next day on July 13, 2007! What a wonderful gift God chose to lavish upon us. We are forever thankful. As I sit here typing, I hear him downstairs playing with a pile of toys and know his life has forever changed. He has come so far since coming home a year ago. Not to say we don’t have rough days, we do, but we know he has come a very long way. He loves life, loves to play, loves construction equipment (oh how he loves this!!!), tractors, cars, trucks, and motorcycles! This boy also LOVES to eat. Ha! He is 3 inches taller and 3 lbs. heavier. Samuel Ruslan Clark…….we love him so very much!

I am off to wash more laundry…wish me luck!

camp week….

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Happy Late 4th of July!!!

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. Ours was interesting, to say the least. We had fun plans to have a picnic lunch at a park with some friends. So…we get to the park (were very excited we found a picnic table under a covered awning to get out of the sun)… unload the vehicles…get children settled with their lunches…start eating….and low and behold it started raining. We finished up our lunch, and the kids run off to play on the playground before the downpour started. We ran to the cars…load kids…and head home. BUMMER! Later that evening, we called our friends and we all decided to go out for the traditional 4th of July pizza buffet. Ha! The rained stopped and we sat at our friends for a couple of hours just chatting while all the kids just played…then we had watermelon! YUMMY! Pretty much all 5 kids were covered in watermelon juice by the time they were finished. All in all we had a fun day despite the rain! It was Clark’s first 4th of July as an American.

We had a fun outing today. We headed over to Brazos Bend State Park (you can check it out at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/brazos_bend/ We went on a hiking trail and saw over 20 alligators. We actually lost track of how many gators we found. It was really neat…we started trying to see who could spot them first. Clark decided to grab some poison ivy, so we will see if he breaks out. Ali is extremely allergic, so we tried to make sure he didn’t touch her before we could scrub him off. That is all she needs at camp this coming week…to break out with poison ivy. YUCK!

Speaking of camp…Ali is all packed and ready to go! She is just so excited. We will leave after church tomorrow to take her. We were told by some friends that if we get there early she can pick what bunk she wants. She will want to bunk by her 2 friends that are going.

I will leave you with some pictures from our week.

July 4th

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