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A Daily Dose…

Everybody really should have at least two blogs, right? OK, not really. We had the hairbrained idea the other night to start posting one picture, funny quote, etc. that pretty muched summed up our day. In order to not clutter up this blog, we started a micro-blog, titled ???? ???????…???????? (which means, “Our Adventure…Daily”). Our aim is to post something everyday, but we’ll see how long our faithfulness holds out.

We’ve linked to our daily blog above and also on the Links section in our sidebar. Enjoy!

P.S.–In case you’ve been completely out of touch with the weather in the Southeast U.S., Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Much of Southwestern LA has begun evacuating, to our house, now dubbed Chateau Gustav or Hurricane Barracks–just kidding, it’s only Rachel’s family plus my mom on an ill-timed pleasure trip. All that to say we may not be posting for several days because a) it’s going to be busy around here and b) we might end up evacuating ourselves, depending on the course of the storm.

August 30, 2008   1 Comment

Clark’s new look…….

This week brought a new look for Clark….his glasses. We aren’t having any problems at all with him keeping them on. He learned pretty quickly that he can see much better with them on. The first day he tried taking them off a few times (he thought his plastic horse needed to wear them, etc.), but he is doing great now. He looks pretty cute…I must admit.

We had a couple of playdates with friends that are starting back to school this week. The schools around here start tomorrow (Monday), so Ali will miss getting together with her friends now that the summer is officially over. She has been on a two week break from swimming, so it is back to the grind with that this week.

Clark starts a new gymnastics class this week. The gym where he has been taking closed its doors…so we have been in search of a new one. We finally found one this past week. I think he will really enjoy the new class. He starts preschool in two weeks, on Sept. 8th. I know he will just love it.

After we returned home from Ukraine last summer, we became a reference family for our agency. We have been contacted about a dozen times over the last month from families wanting to hear our story. We are so happy that adoptions in Ukraine are still going well. One family contacted us this past week, and we found out that they lived in Texas also. They were going to be in Houston for an appointment on Friday, so we decided to get together on Saturday. They came by the house, and we were able to share our story and answer all of their questions. It was so neat. I know how many questions we had before we traveled, and we were so glad to be able to hopefully help them. They travel in Sept., and we can’t wait to hear how their process goes!

T.C.’s mom is coming for a little visit this coming Saturday. The kids are so excited. We haven’t seen her since the first of February, so it has been quite a while. We will enjoy having her here.

Well, I will close with a silly picture of Clark. I was trying to get some cute glasses pictures the other day, and I caught this picture without knowing he made that face at the last second. Silly kid!

August 24, 2008   3 Comments

Not much news around here………

Hello blog friends…not much news around here. Ali and I are getting used to being back in school. Things are going pretty well thus far. She is going to have a lot of work in science this year with a bug collection, leaf collection, and a science research project. She wants to do her project on how food affects your swimming ability (that could go for any athlete, really). She wants to know how sugar/protein/carbs, etc. all affect the athletes body. I think it will be very beneficial for her to learn about that.

We found out this week that Clark needs glasses. He is farsighted and has an astigmatism. We picked out little metal frames….pretty cute in a nerdy sort of way. Ha! Don’t tell him that…he thinks he looked great. He asks everyday where his glasses are. He doesn’t understand that they had to be ordered. We hope this takes care of the problems he has been having. It was really funny, he was trying on frames and at one point he looked at me and VERY loudly said “HEY BABY!!” I laughed so hard. Believe it or not he loved trying on all the frames. He needed one of the smallest ones they had.

Clark learned how to pedal his tricycle finally. Well, actually his legs haven’t been long enough to reach the pedals…but they are now! He did the most clever thing in his room the other day. He can’t reach his light switch and usually drags over his rocking horse to stand on (yes, real safe!!). Anyway, he was playing with his kitchen and discovered that his ladle can have multiple uses. He uses the hooked end to hook the switch and turn it off and on. I was impressed.

Ali has been in the process of trying to update her bedroom. We found bedding on a great sale at JC Penney’s the other day. She worked yesterday to pack away all of her American Girl doll and clothing (sniff, sniff). We found a cute chair at Target..again, on sale!! It looks so cute in there. She wants new artwork for the walls…but must wait until Christmas for that. It is an ocean theme. (ummmm, yes…like our whole house)

So anyway, think of us this week as we are trying to keep glasses on a little wild 4 year old boy! His surgery was moved to Sept. 4th as the doctor is going to be out of town on the 2nd.

this and that…

August 17, 2008   3 Comments

Back to school….and already a field trip

Ali and I had our first full week of school. We took a “field trip” on Thursday, and headed to Brazos Bend State Park to attend a children’s program. One of Ali’s friends from swimming, Lilly, joined us also. They started out by taking a nature walk on one of the many trails in the park. They were learning about the animal food chain, etc. After our HOT walk, we headed into the visitors center for some book reading and craft. The kids seemed to enjoy it. We then headed to a playground for a picnic. A funny thing happened during lunch. I began throwing little pieces of our food to a squirrel that was checking us out. He had obviously been fed a million times before. I turned my back to take pictures of the kids, and Mr. Squirrel climbed onto our table and tried to steal some of our food bags. Ha!

Not much news around here. Seems we have and will remain busy with doctor, dentist, and pre-op appointments. Clark is having his adenoids removed on Sept. 2nd. They said it would be beneficial for him to have them removed. We are hopeful that this will greatly help his nasal speech. He is also having some type of trouble with his eyes. He will be seeing a pediatric opthamologist next week. When he watches t.v. or looks at books…his eyes really bother him. We are anxious to see what is going on.

Well, to our dismay… our little girl (ok, not so little….)is moving up to the middle school group at church. How did that happen? Anyway, our church offers a 3 year confirmation program during the Sunday School hour, that she will begin in Sept. Sixth grade students study Old Testament, 7th grade is New Testament, and 8th grade is Luther’s Small Catechism. I believe it entails quite a bit of work…but we know it will be so good for her.

Clark is moving out of his toddler bed, and into his big boy bed. Not that he doesn’t fit in the toddler bed anymore…truth be known, he would probably fit in that bed several more years! However, he would have more play room in his bedroom if that toddler bed was out of there. His bedding is so cute….it is a beachy, surf board theme. Yes, we LOVE the ocean around here.

Have a great week.

Brazos Bend State Park

August 10, 2008   1 Comment

Our little family celebration

Well, Thursday was Clark’s Happy Adoption Day (like I mentioned in a previous post). We had a great day celebrating his one year home. The kids and I started our morning off with a stop to Shipley Donuts for a kolache. After we had our bite to eat, we went to Challenger Park for a couple of hours of playtime. It is a very nice park with a nature trail and a great playground. They had a blast. When Clark was nice and worn out, we headed home for good ole’ nap time. That evening we celebrated with a nice dinner on the water. The restaurant is called Clifton By The Sea and it has a great view of the water. We like to get their crab-burgers because they are OH SO YUMMY!! The children each got a little gift in honor of their special day…we can’t forget Ali waited 10 long years to become a big sister. We ended our fun day by all gathering around our computer and watching our video clips from our trip to Ukraine. It was a lot of fun reminiscing about our time in Ukraine and how much Clark has changed. All in all we had a wonderful day of celebration.

We found out yesterday that Clark might need his adenoids removed. The ENT doctor was out of the office, but his PA looked at his x-ray from last week and said his adenoids were enlarged. I am waiting to hear back from the doctor hopefully by the first of the week. The PA said he would benefit from having them removed. We will see. I still need to talk to the doctor and make sure this would actually benefit his speech.

Have a great weekend. T.C. has National Guard duty…we are just hanging out around here.

Happy Adoption Day!

August 2, 2008   1 Comment