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Why can’t parenting be easy?

There isn’t much news around here. The insurance adjuster came on Sunday, but it might be a while before we actually see any money. The wait is the aggravating part. We aren’t even sure how much they are going to give us for everything. We do know they are going to cover a new roof, and probably pay for new carpet in the rooms affected (which leaves the other rooms with carpet that is 6 years old…can’t exactly do that), a small portion for our fence (they depreciate the value for the age of the fence and because we share it with 3 neighbors…well, we won’t get much at all for that, etc. It is all such a pain. T.C. contacted a man that we met through the summer swim team that owns his own home construction business. He has connections…so he is going to share a good roofer with us and also a guy that does small inside construction jobs to put new sheet rock on one of Ali’s walls. Hopefully he can nail down the carpeting that we ripped up. We are thankful all of the carpeting dried without much of a stain. There is a big spot in the living room, but we are going to rent a carpet shampooer and see if we can clean them up. If we can’t, we will then try getting it professionally cleaned. We are really trying not to have to recarpet the house right now. Not an expense that we are prepared for.

I am drained these days…just going to be brutally honest here. Clark is testing my patience…and my patience is gone out of the window. Unfortunately!! He is our major whiny pants. We didn’t really have that with Ali, so I am at a loss. They have totally different personalities. We believe in first time obedience with our children…not 4th or 5th time obedience. Clark…oh Clark would rather do it until he knows you are coming after him. That drives me absolutely crazy. I am really trying to focus on that right now…it isn’t going very well. There are lots of time-outs, crying episodes, drama, spankings, and on and on and on. I haven’t found that perfect solution, though I know there really is no such thing….just a good solution would suffice! Being a parent is the toughest job out there. Just when you begin to think you have it figured out, the kids go and throw you a curve ball. I have read it all Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Growing Kids God’s Way, and the one I am reading now is Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel. It has great tools to use…trying to incorporate a chart where he gets smiley faces if he does certain things and sad faces for unacceptable behavior. Can’t tell you if it’s working yet, will let you know.

What books/Bible studies are you reading/doing right now? In my Mom 2 Mom Bible study we are reading A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George. We are reading the book and doing the study guide that goes along with it. It is a fabulous book. I read it several years ago and was thrilled to take the study and read the book again. It addresses so many areas in a woman’s life…being a Godly wife, mother, and mainly just a woman that follows God with all that she is. We are also taking a study during the Sunday School hour using the book Parenting in the Pew. I also read this book several years ago, and was so excited that our pastor’s wife was going to be teaching through the book. It is fabulous for those out there that struggle with teaching your children how to truly learn to worship…not just sitting still in church…but truly teaching them what it means to worship God. It talks about how as parents we are concerned with what those around us are thinking about our kids and how they “act” during church. It focuses on how we need to think less about those around us and focus on our heart during worship, so that our children see and learn through us. WOW!! It gives ways to help guide our children through the worship service…reminding them of things throughout the week that could somehow relate to the message, etc. It is a great read!

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

September 30, 2008   2 Comments

Finally up and running!!

Yippy skippy….our cable returned yesterday afternoon! That means we now have our t.v., internet, and home phone. I am so happy about that. I shouldn’t complain, we have friends that are still without power. I am sure she wanted to smack me when I complained about cable….she would settle for some AC and lights!

For those that haven’t lived in a hurricane prone area….here is a little highlight. After power is restored to SOME gas stations, the lines are way down the street to get gas….for days. Station will run out of gas and have to shut down until they can be refilled. Grocery stores (the ones that have power) only sell non-perishable foods due to loosing all frozen foods and dairy from the loss of power. It was impossible to find milk for days. I, thankfully, brought some back from Louisiana with us. I also grocery shopped in Louisiana before returning home. We were thankful to have plenty of food.

Needless to say, we are so glad that life is returning to a more normal state. The insurance adjuster is coming by on Sunday for his walk through. We are anxious to see what exactly they are going to do.

Clark had his post op appointment yesterday. He has healed fine from his adenoidectomy. The ENT wrote a referral for speech therapy. He said because of the enlarged adenoids, he compensated by incorrectly learning some sounds. He seems to think that it will not take many sessions, and that we will learn exercises to do at home.

As of tomorrow, our weeks will be back to normal. Clark started back to preschool on Wed., gymnastics today, and Ali resumes guitar lessons and swim team tomorrow. She will be swimming as much as possible this next week. She will be participating in her first out of town swim meet next weekend in Austin at UT. (and has been out of swimming for over 2 weeks with the storm)

Well, no pictures to post tonight…hopefully this weekend.

September 25, 2008   3 Comments

Comcast….where are you?

We found free internet (for an hour) at a McDonald’s near our house. YIPPY! We are still waiting (rather impatiently) for cable, internet, and our home phone to begin working again. We aren’t sure when that will happen.

The roof was finally tarped yesterday, three days AFTER it was supposed to be done. AARRGH! But, it is done now. We aren’t sure how long it will take for things to be repaired. The insurance inspectors have not given us an appointment for their walk through as of yet. Aaaahhhh, so again we learn a lesson in patience. (I don’t like those…do you?)

It is almost business as usual around here. Clark will start back to preschool on Wed. I don’t know about his gymnastics…and Ali’s swim team is waiting on the green light from the city pool. Hopefully everything will be up and running sometime this week.

T.C. went back to his job today for the first time. He has been on orders with the National Guard since last Monday. He would like a day off…that is for sure. But, we are thankful for his job and work!

Well, will make this make this short for now. Hopefully I will be doing this from the comfort of our own home very soon!

September 22, 2008   No Comments

Where in the world are the tarp people?

Well, as luck would have it…the tarp people were supposed to be at our house between 7am-7pm today to tarp the roof. Well, we left the house at 6pm to come and search for WIFI somewhere and they STILL weren’t there yet. Ugh. Wonder if we will be pleasantly surprised when we get home and have a blue tarped roof? We aren’t holding our breath.

We still don’t have our cable service…so therefore no internet or phone either. Bummer. But, we are thankful for power. We talked to some friends at church last night that are still without power. So…we are at McDonald’s right now PAYING for WIFI, something we said we would never do..haha! We won’t be doing this often.

Our little nephew is doing great, from what we hear. A tiny little squirt, but we are hearing he is quite cute. I will definitely post pictures when I have some. I haven’t even seen a picture of him as of yet.

It was strange driving back to our home for the first time since old Ike hit. It looked a little like a war zone. Pretty much our entire neighborhood lost their fences. A little weird seeing into everyone’s backyards. They mostly have roof damage as well. The roofing companies are going to be very busy around here. We don’t have a clue how long the wait will be for our insurance to be taken care of….weeks, months?

The kids have been troopers through it all…pack up…rush off to grandparents…worry about their dad being in the middle of the storm…wait a few days….pack up and rush back home to a damaged neighborhood. We have tried to stress to them just how fortunate we are.

I will run…need to get the kids home.

September 18, 2008   1 Comment

Then there was light……

Got a call from T.C. last night about our power finally being back on. YIPPY! The kids and I are returning home today. I don’t believe we have cable or internet yet…so this may be it for a while. I have a million loads of laundry to do, and probably some clean up.

We do have great news though…my brother and his wife welcomed their son into the world last night. He was itty bitty at 2.4 lbs. and 14.? inches long. His name is Wyeth Kai and we can’t wait to meet him.

September 16, 2008   3 Comments