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Posts from — November 2008

Preparations for Thanksgiving….

The time has come…I have put it off for as long as possible. (the dreaded Thanksgiving grocery trip, that is!) I love eating the Thanksgiving meal, just usually put off the shopping trip for as long as I can. However, the day has come!!

We are so excited to have friends from our Albuquerque days flying in on Wednesday. It is Ali’s best friend while we lived there, and her mom. We can’t wait to see them! It has been 3 years since we last saw them. My parents are also coming in tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We will hopefully have a great time visiting and making yummy foods in the kitchen. However, today is the day to finish getting the house in order and kitchen stocked. (not to mention homeschooling, orthodontics, and swim practice, etc…are there enough hours in the day?)

There hasn’t been much going on lately to blog about..same old same old. The kiddos are doing well. Ali had a sinus infection last week and T.C. had the crud also. I think they are both on the mend, or at least I hope. Clark has a touch of it, but seems to be fine.

Last week we were able to have dinner with a family that just adopted a 5 1/2 year old little boy from Ukraine. They live outside of San Antonio and used the same adoption agency as we did. We were in contact with them prior to their traveling to give them tips from the “been there done that file.” Their son is SO cute. They have only been home for 2-3 weeks, so he is still speaking fluent Russian. He and Clark just played and played despite the fact that they couldn’t speak to each other. It was so funny, I asked Clark that night as we were putting him to bed if he and Jamie talked to each other. He said “no, we didn’t talk…yes, we did…but he still talks Ukraine…like I did in Ukraine” Then I asked “well, did you understand him?” He got this funny look on his face and answered “No.” Ha…I guess it at least sounded familiar. They were in town for an appointment with a doctor that specializes in internationally adopted children.

Our nephew is out of the hospital. He was able to go home since my sister in law is an RN and knows how to take care of his medicines, tube feedings, etc. What a blessing for them! Now we just continue to pray he gains weight quickly so his little heart can be repaired.

I must start my crazy day! We have much to be thankful for this year. We hope each of you takes time to give thanks to our heavenly father for all the blessings he bestows on us. I know we are thankful for our family…our precious children mean the world to us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Kids Christmas pictures

Go to www.smilesbywire.com and enter Rachel Judd (space between) as the name and LTPP0019100192JCP as the access code.

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Watch out HGTV!

HGTV better just watch out…because my hubby made a pretty stinkin’ cool wall today! We have had the idea, for about a year and a half, to turn one of our blank walls in our downstairs into a “wall of fame”…or not so fame. Anyhoo, we wanted all of our family photos in one spot. It turned out so neat. (or at least we think it did) The frames don’t match, as we have just collected them through the years…but that is how we envisioned it. Just a hodgepodge of memories. Thank heavens for the engineer in the house! He had the idea to use our living room floor as the design center…he measured the wall…mapped it out on the floor…and went to town. (then just transferred them over to the wall) We are pooped now. We spent all weekend and today either shopping, putting things together, etc. etc. Let me explain…we finally made it into 2008 and broke down and bought a flat screen T.V. We are always (and I mean always) behind the times. But, we’re alright with that. We don’t really put much thought into buying up the latest and greatest gadget. However, the T.V. that the kids have upstairs in the 4th bedroom (for movies and PS2) is going out. It’s only 17 years old…don’t know what could be the problem. heehee!! So we broke down and bought a flat screen for downstairs so we could move our old one upstairs for the kids. All that said, Saturday was spent T.V. shopping. Then after we had it set up on our old shelving…we realized it looked pretty silly. Needless to say, Sunday (after church) was spent shopping for new shelves. We finally (like I said…behind the times) made it to IKEA!! That is the coolest store, and talk about HUGE! Too bad it is about 45 minutes away in downtown Houston. Well, that is probably a good thing on our wallets. Anyway, a couple of hours later we left the store with just the right shelves. Yesterday was spent putting them together (again, thanks hubby!!) and moving everything from our old shelves. So tonight we sit here totally wiped out.

Our little nephew is doing better. He is gaining weight again. Now it is just a waiting game for when he is strong enough/weighs enough for the heart surgery. We can’t wait to see him again, as he is just such a precious doll baby!

Clark has been doing much better the last several days. God knew I needed some good days. He generally has such a sweet personality, and is so funny. We just have to work through the other issues.

My mind isn’t working well tonight…so I will update again at another time. Wanted to post some pictures of T.C.’s handy work.

November 11, 2008   2 Comments

Please pray

Please join us in lifting up our little nephew, Kai, to the Lord. He was admitted into the hospital this weekend. He is in need of heart surgery for a hole in his heart that didn’t close up. The doctors would like him to weigh about 10 lbs. prior to surgery, and he is currently under 5 lbs. He will remain in the hospital until surgery. Just join us as we pray for God to close the hole, and heal this precious little guy.

Other less important matters…the kids had a fun time trick or treating Friday night. They have enough candy for an army. We took Clark to a little fall festival, then we all headed out trick or treating. The 3 Musketeers (Ali, Sierra, and Lilly) wanted to trick or treat together…so they joined us.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to training classes we go…for the dog that is! We hope it is a $110 well spent. Mandy the maniac is in much need of some “training,” to say the least. She is one crazy, wild gal. I feel for that pet trainer next Monday when we start…GOOD LUCK!

The kids had their Christmas pictures made today. They are so cute…though I WOULD say that. I will post them when we get them back in a few weeks. I wanted to get them done early this year.

Speaking of Christmas, I can’t believe the stores have their Christmas decorations out already. Like could we enjoy Thanksgiving first?

Well, here are some photos from Halloween.

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