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Posts from — December 2008

Update on our Christmas

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! Ours was quite nice, albeit a little rushed to get everything squeezed into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Since we traveled the week prior to Christmas, I didn’t get everything done prior to our travel that I would have liked. However, in the end it worked out great. We spent Christmas Eve making cookies, attending a service at church, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with cupcakes, hunting for Rudolph in the sky with Clark, putting out milk and cookies for Santa, talking about the following day being Jesus’ birthday, etc. It was a fun day filled with much anticipation from our children. When I tucked Clark into bed that night, he was giddy with excitement and told me “I am SO excited!” It was priceless. He woke up on Christmas morn asking if Santa (or Noah as he calls him at times) had come. Ali, being 12 now, is still a little “too cool” to act too excited. Ha!!

The kids had a wonderful time searching through their gifts. Ali’s favorite gift was an electric guitar (what were we thinking?) and Clark’s favorite was a Batman batcave. He also got a bike and was proud as he rode it around the kitchen.

After we celebrated as a family and had brunch, we headed out for our Christmas service at church. It was a nice way to turn our focus back to the true meaning of the day. After the service, we made our way to Lake Charles, LA to spend the day with my parents and brother and his family. We were able to see baby Kai again. He has grown since we last saw him at 3 1/2 lbs. as he is a little over 7 lbs. now!! What a precious little guy.

We returned Saturday afternoon from Louisiana….without our kiddos!! My parents wanted to keep them a few days since they were on break from school. I miss them…it is just too quiet around here!

We are trying to work in our 4th bedroom while the kids are away. We wanted to surprise them when they returned home with a new playroom. However, we are never going to get that room finished in time. Oh well!! We have decided to turn our guest room into a playroom for the kids (and T.C. when he wants to play Guitar Hero!!). We are taking the beds down…adding some shelves for toys…setting up Clark’s drum set to go with Ali’s electric guitar…etc. We still WELCOME guests as we asked for a great Comfort Zone Raised Aerobed for Christmas. It is so neat…the height of a regular bed…but portable when not in use! We thought it was the perfect solution. I think the kids will love having a space that is theirs for all the excess toys/games/movies!!

Here are some pictures from our Christmas.


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Long time no post….

Well since I last posted we have traveled to and from Indiana, visit with our friends in Louisville, celebrated Ali’s 12th birthday, watched Clark be an angel in the children’s program at church, made our annual gingerbread house, took Ali to a Toby Mac concert, anticipate the celebration of the birth of our savior, and much more! Oh yes, we also got a little snow down here in south TX! It has been one busy December. This week I just want us to slow down and enjoy the season. (is that possible…the slowing down part?)

We just returned home Sunday from our week long trip up to Indiana and Kentucky. Traveling with 2 kids and 2 dogs definitely had its interesting moments. Ali was able to celebrate her birthday with old friends from Louisville. We had 2 parties in the same day! (she got 2 birthday cakes!!) She had the first celebration with some homeschooled friends. They had a blast making an ornament, playing out in the cold, and having pizza and homemade hot fudge ice cream cake!! (talk about yummy!) Later that evening, she also had cake and ice cream with her friends at our old church. She enjoyed her day very much!

In Indiana, the kids had some special time with their cousins Jackson and Sawyer. Clark and Jackson are only 8 months apart, so they played cars and trains until their little hearts content. All in all it was a good time.

Yesterday Ali and her best friend were able to have a little joint birthday celebration with a couple of friends. (their birthdays are only a few days apart) They went to a place called Main Event and played laser tag, inside golf, and arcade games. They had a blast.

Now I am in a mad rush to wrap gifts for my side of the family, unpack/finish laundry/and repack to go to see my family Christmas afternoon, get everything ready for our kids “Santa” visit, hopefully bake some more Christmas cookies, etc. All that said I need to get off of this computer. Heehee!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas as we reflect on the birth of our savior!


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A new roof at last….

As I am typing this, our roofers are on their way! We will finally get rid of the blue tarp that has been covering our roof for 2 1/2 months now.

Though we all ate way too much, our Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. Our friends flew in from New Mexico, and my parents came in. We had fun cooking in the kitchen and enjoying a delicious meal.

The day after Thanksgiving, we hit the stores at 4AM……..or NOT!!! I can never bring myself to do that…I breakout in a cold sweat thinking of those crowds. However, we did take our friends to Space Center Houston. We stayed all afternoon and had a great time. We took a tram tour, watched an IMAX show on becoming an astronaut, and walked the exhibits.

When our friends had to return to New Mexico, we figured it was time to start preparing our home for Christmas. I guess I am a little obsessed, I admit…but a dozen plastic tubs and 5 trees later…we are decorated. Ok, one tree is very small and in Clark’s room! However, we do have 2 full sized trees downstairs, one 4ft. tree on the upstairs landing, and a 5 or 6ft. tree in Ali’s room. I LOVE Christmas…the sights, sounds, smells, tastes…and especially celebrating the birth of our saviour! It just all came a little too soon it seemed this year. It doesn’t seem like it should be Christmas yet. But, it is and we have to run with it. I am not quite finished with the shopping. We hope to get it finished up very soon. We leave for Indiana a week from Saturday…so I am kind of in a time crunch. We are so excited to also be able to see our friends in Louisville, since it is only an hour away from T.C.’s family!! Ali is TOOOOO excited.

Clark had school pictures taken a while back, and we were to pick out our favorite pose yesterday. Pose? Shouldn’t school pictures be you get what you get. That is how it was when I was a kid…you take your ONE picture…and hope for the best. Ummm, it doesn’t work like that anymore in preschool. Some (overpriced) photographer shows up and low and behold…we go in to look at the pictures…and Clark wasn’t even wearing the clothes I sent him to school in. The photographer CHANGED all the kids clothes into these goofy staged photos. To say they were lame is an understatement. Here is the rundown on the photo shoot…the boys all got their pictures taken in a nerdy button down shirt (buttoned up to the top) and a sweater vest…they even combed his hair straight down like a dork…then another with a soccer jersey and ball and the final one was a NASCAR picture with a jacket and hat on. Like seriously….we don’t even watch NASCAR nor does he play soccer. Ummm, hello people!!! I was thinking to myself that I sent him in a polo shirt and cute shorts for a reason. Long story short, I felt obligated to purchase a pose…get this…for $25 a SHEET!! Ugh…

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying the start of this blessed CHRISTmas season!

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