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Posts from — January 2009

Happy Birthday…to my honey!!

I just wanted to send a Happy Birthday shout out to my wonderful husband! We decided to celebrate last night, as we had to get Ali to swim practice tonight. It was fun. Ali cooked up the dinner with a sandwich recipe she got out of one of her cookbooks. She even made the cake, though she let Clark act like he helped a little too.

T.C.'s birthday

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It’s been a long time……

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for several weeks now. Time flies. Not much has happened at all…guess that’s why I didn’t want to bore you guys with the details. Ha! Sadly, we didn’t get our Christmas trees and decorations down until LAST weekend. Can you believe that? It seemed to be one thing after another on the weekends, hence the delay. The house felt so much larger after it was all put away. I mean, we do kind of go overboard with the decorations…I admit that. (2 big trees downstairs, 1 smaller one on the landing upstairs, and 1 in each kiddos room) What can I say, I LOVE Christmas decorations…it is just the putting away that gets me every time. YUCK!

I thought I would share some funny things that Clark has said over the last couple of weeks. (more or less I just want to have a copy of it so I don’t forget!)

I was helping Clark with something in the kitchen one day and he told me, “thank you, Mama, but I don’t need any help.” (ummm, ok..at least he was being polite, right?)

We were running late for gymnastics last week (as usual..haha) and I ran a yellow light (ok, that happened to turn red right as we were passing through it) Clark yells out “red means STOP…you didn’t stop” and later on our way home we came to a yellow light and he tells me “be careful.” How funny is that?

Some twin babies were being baptized last Wed. night at church, and after the baptism was finished he tells us in a not so inside voice, “I want a baby at my home.”

Yesterday during breakfast (out of nowhere!!) Clark informs me, “I want a baby at my home…I didn’t get one for Christmas…I can have a baby boy in my room and Ali can have a baby girl in her room.” So I ask him if his “baby” is going to sleep in his room and he says, “no, in yours”……love how he doesn’t feel the need to run adding 2 other children to our family by ME first. hahaha…gotta love kids!

So as you see, Clark can say the funniest things at times. God definitely added him to our family to keep us young…or at least try!

I had my first official “girls night out” last weekend. It was so fun! I mean, of course after all these years I have gotten together with other moms, etc. But this was a larger group of gals that gets together once a month for dinner or a movie, etc. A mom at Clark’s preschool invited me. Clark and her daughter are friends. Anyway, we went to one of those movie theaters where you order dinner and eat while watching a movie. I hadn’t been to one of those before. We saw Bride Wars which was really cute. Afterwards, we went to a French cafe and had desert, etc. It was a lot of fun…I plan on making that a monthly ritual now. I took along a good friend of mine, and she enjoyed it as well.

T.C. offered to take Ali to swimming this morning because I wanted to get in another Curves workout…guess I better get off of this computer in a minute so that I can do that!!

Ali is doing well. She has a swim meet all next weekend. We are anxious to see how she does, as she hasn’t been in a meet in several months. She also will participate in her first music recital for guitar. She isn’t thrilled about that…she doesn’t love playing in front of people. It will be good for her though.

All of you out there………if you have put in some type of wood flooring….give us your comments. We are thinking about putting some in within the next year or two. Who knows if it will actually happen, but we would really love to. We have an interest in bamboo flooring. We don’t know anything about it though. We really just love the idea that bamboo grows back so quickly.

Better run workout before the fam gets home. LOL!


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Happy Birthday, Clark!!

We simply can’t believe it…5 years ago today, thousands of miles away…God brought our son into the world. We will be forever thankful for that! This little man has brought so much happiness (and craziness) into our lives.

He has had a fun few days. He started out celebrating on Saturday, with a few friends over for lunch and cake. (a batman cake, that is!) Today I brought cupcakes to his school so he could celebrate with his classmates. You should have heard all the kiddos when I walked in with the goods….”yeah…yippy…look..” We finished up the birthday with a trip to play at the McDonald’s playland while Ali was at swim practice. He had a great time. He was excited this year, as he understood more of what was going on. He goes for his check-up tomorrow to see how he has grown this year. We are hoping he is at least on the growth chart now! heehee! Interestingly enough…his sister is off the chart in the other direction.

Clark's birthday

January 5, 2009   1 Comment