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Spring breakin’ it…

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. I am getting bad at the whole blogging thing! I guess I just get busy living daily life that I forget to blog about it. Life is passing me by at an incredibly fast pace these days. I see first hand how our children’s childhood will pass all too quickly. It makes me sad at times. I just want to freeze time sometimes. (and at other times I want to fast forward…haha…just kidding…just a fleeting thought when I deal with yet another tantrum or preteen attitude)

We have been spring breakin’ it this past week. It was a fun time, free from school and other activities. We went to Lake Charles and spent several days with my parents. The kids always enjoy getting royally spoiled by the grandparents. Funny how when you become grandparents, you forget all the things you didn’t let your own children do when they were young…but somehow it is perfectly fine for the grandchildren!! HUMMMM….oh like cookies for breakfast, coke galore (or should I say Root Beer..and I believe Mom’s words exactly were “Ali can have an much Root Beer as she wants, I know it is her favorite” heehee), candy (as often and as much as they want), etc. Hahahaha…oh Mom and Dad you know I am kidding…Ali and Clark LOVE the spoiling immensely. I wish I had had that growing up, so I am so thankful they do!

While in Lake Charles, we were also able to get some baby Kai sugar!! He is so precious. He is over 11 lbs. now, I believe. At six months old, that doesn’t sound like much…but considering he started out at just over 2 lbs., that is great!! That little guy will be going off to kindergarten before we all know it.

We were also able to fit in a couple of outings with friends towards the end of the week. Ali wanted to get together with a friend from church, and Clark wanted an outing with a school friend. Bayou Wildlife Park was one outing. It is a lot of fun. You take a tram ride around acres and acres of land where the animals are free roaming. There is also a petting zoo…Clark fell in love with a baby goat. For Clark’s outing, we went to the Downtown Aquarium and had a great time. We had never been before, so it was fun trying something new. We had lunch at the restaurant, and rode the shark voyage train. It goes through a shark tunnel, which the kids loved.

This weekend was mostly filled with house cleaning. Ummmm, not my favorite chore…but a necessary evil. We did, however, manage to sneak in a trip to the beach on Saturday. Galveston is slowly but surely trying to make a comeback. The beach was packed! The kids made sand castles til’ their hearts content.

Today I HAD to clean out Clark’s closet…wouldn’t it be nice if those things cleaned themselves out? Ahhhh! By clean out I mean pull EVERYTHING out and start over. I did get a little sentimental cleaning out his dresser. I came across the clothes I bought him in Ukraine! They were so little. He was so little! He wore 12 month shorts back then. (sniff~sniff) The next couple of days I am tackling my side of the our closet. We bought a new cabinet today that I am going to use to get organized in there. I am bound and determined to organize that closet!!! I am wondering……after cleaning out a couple of closets……can this qualify as my “spring cleaning?” But too bad we have to start out in the garage next. YUCK!!!! Now that will be a major undertaking!!

Clark started soccer this week. It was so cute. Let me tell you, what he lacked in talent, he more than made up for in enthusiasm. Hopefully the rules will sink in eventually! His first game is in a couple of weeks.

Ali gets her braces off on April 1st. She can’t wait. The countdown has begun.

Well, I will leave you with some photos from our week!

spring break

March 22, 2009   1 Comment