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Mickey, Mickey everywhere!!!

We were back to reality on Thursday evening, as our vacation came to an end. Ali was very sad to leave the magical world of Disney behind. Clark claimed to be ready to see his dogs and cats. Whatever the case, we had a fabulous time at Walt Disney World. We visited all four parks, and one of the water parks. We were even able to see a space shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral last week.

We began our vacation with a 2 night stay in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. That was our stoppin’ ground many years ago when Ali was a baby. The kids really enjoyed playing on the gorgeous beach and riding go-carts at a favorite spot in Destin. We even got to enjoy some scenic meals overlooking the ocean…a real treat for me. After our relaxing couple of days at the beach, we headed down to the Mickey overload. Our hotel was so much fun. It was called Pop Century Resort and it had HUGE icons from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. It was a lot of fun to just walk around and look at the buildings. You can go here and check out the resort. The first night we took the kids to the T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney. It is the same idea as Rainforest Cafe but with a dinosaur theme. Clark loved it of course, but Ali did also! She said she liked it better than Rainforest. (we never know what our preteen will like) The next day we began our race to visit all of the parks, with our first day being spent at Magic Kingdom. I mean, you have to see that magnificent castle first, don’t you? We had lunch reservations that day for a character meal at Crystal Palace. We had lunch with Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger.The food was delicious and it was fun seeing all the characters make their way around the room. The second day we spent at Epcot. Let me mention something before going ANY further….Orlando was having record heat while we were there. Oh lucky us! It was in the mid 90’s the entire time. If there is something you should know about me, I am not toooooo crazy about the blazing heat. I have a problem with overheating, and it can turn ugly. Ha, I won’t go into detail. We tried our best to stay hydrated. However, despite the heat….did I mention RECORD heat 🙂 ….we didn’t let it get us down. We did, occasionally, resort to sitting through cheesy 3-D movies to take advantage of the A/C! Hahaha. Ok, back to Epcot…the heat got to us that day and just didn’t feel like going through all of the countries. We rode rides in the future world, met characters, and quickly walked through the countries…and called it a day. The kids enjoyed swimming at the hotel that evening to cool off. The next park visit was Animal Kingdom. Ali talked herself into riding Expedition Everest (a roller coaster) and found out that she LOVED it. She rode it multiple times and wanted to ride it even more. We saw a wonderful Lion King show and fun parade. Animal Kingdom is a great park with a great safari ride. We took a break from the parks the following day, and toured Kennedy Space Center. We were able to see a shuttle on each launch pad….very cool. Our fourth park to tour was Hollywood Studios. This was one of Ali’s favorite parks. We had a fun lunch at Sci-Fi Dine In (on Mother’s Day) and had a great time. It looked just like an old drive in theater, only indoors. They dim the lights so that you feel like you are outside…with stars glowing on the walls, etc. This was Ali’s choice as we did the character meal for Clark. We sat in old fashion cars converted to tables, all facing the HUGE screen playing old sci-fi movie clips. Clark enjoyed this park as well. He was able to see Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen and Mater, Woody from Toy Story, and characters from Little Einsteins. That night we stayed and watched an amazing show called Fantasmic. Ali claimed that it was the coolest thing she had ever seen. The next day we went to watch the launch and didn’t visit a park. On our last day, we went to one of the Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon. We all agreed that it was the best water park we have ever been to. There was a huge wave pool, a snorkeling pool where you were able to swim with small sharks and fish, and there was so much shade! It was lovely, and we will definitely go back if given the chance. We finished that day with an afternoon visit to Magic Kingdom again. We stayed and watched the incredible fireworks display. Clark was just simply amazed. It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful vacation!

If you want to experience pure unadulterated awe, just take a small child to Disney. I just loved watching Clark light up every SINGLE time he saw a character. He especially loved having his picture taken with them. He would rub their noses, bellies, etc. The characters got to where they would rub his nose also. He loved it. I was constantly wondering what was going through that little head of his. I remember doing the same thing with Ali when she was small and we took her. It was pure bliss to just take it all in through my child’s eyes. I couldn’t STOP taking pictures.

Well, I will leave you with LOTS of photos from our trip. I took some at the water park with a waterproof camera and still need to have it developed.

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