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summer camp, swim lessons, business trip….

What a title, right? What can I say…I am about to head out to VBS and don’t feel very creative right now. Since I last posted, Ali spent a week at a Lutheran camp with friends, Clark had a busy “social” calendar, T.C. spent several days in Washington D.C., and our precious nephew had open heart surgery! It has been busy around here. For starters Ali had a fantastic time at camp last week. However, the laundry that comes back is always disgusting! Ha…just part of it…what did I expect. They went canoeing, swimming, archery, challenge courses, Bible study, met new friends, and the list could go on and on. She loves that camp and is already looking forward to next summer. They offer a family weekend camp that we might look into. While Ali was at camp, T.C. went on a business trip…that just left Clark and me. I didn’t realize a 5 year old could have such a busy social life. Ha! He had a play date at McDonald’s with a friend, watched a friend’s pool being dug another day, went to a movie with friends, etc. It kept me busy! He also had swim lessons the past 2 weeks. He loved it, but not real sure what he actually got out of it. I will be signing him up for another round of lessons with someone else.

Ali had an all weekend swim meet this past weekend, right after camp. Actually on our way home from camp we stopped off in Houston so she could swim one event Friday night. We returned Saturday and Sunday for the other 6 events. She was exhausted from camp, but she did fine. She swam her first 400 freestyle. She was nervous about the distance, but she did well. This Saturday she will be swimming in a champ meet for the summer league. I think we might get a break from meets for a short time after that.

This week Ali and I are helping with VBS at our church. We are working in the craft station. Clark loved his first day yesterday. He talked non stop on the way home telling us what all they did. He did have a mishap with his glasses though. During the ending assembly in the sanctuary, a child bumped into him and the glasses went flying and were stepped on. OOPS! However, they were able to be bent back…thank goodness.

Our little nephew, Kai, had open heart surgery to repair the hole in his heart. He did great and is home already! What a blessing. I hear that he looks 100% better now. His coloring is good, he has energy, and he is eating much better. Can’t wait to see his “post surgery” new self.

Well, I will post pictures later…..gotta run to get Ali from morning swim practice and make it to VBS on time.

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Summer is in full swing around here….

How did summer get to be such a BUSY time? I thought it was supposed to be laid back and lazy. Ummmm, not with a swimmer in the house. Ali’s new swim coach kicked the schedule into high gear now that all the kids are out of school. Starting this week, there are 11 scheduled practices per week. Yes, you read that right! That means twice a day Monday-Friday, and one on Saturday. They can miss a “max” of 2 times a week bumping it down to a mere 9 practices a week. In his words, “if the HAVE to miss…otherwise they should be there.” It is like swimming boot camp. They are lifting weights, running, and of course swimming. She doesn’t seem to mind. As Ali put it, “I sure won’t get bored this summer.” So true, so true! Though she will be eating us out of house and home probably more than usual. Can you imagine the calories you burn working out like that?

Clark had his final soccer game last weekend. He wishes the season wasn’t over. He really enjoyed it. The same church offers flag football in the fall, won’t that be a riot? He is starting swim lessons tomorrow morning. Though according to Clark he can already swim. He is truly convinced of that! I mean, he has spent more time watching Ali swim than almost anything else…but he thinks that in and of itself means that he can already swim. Ha! We shall see.

Ali and I are helping with VBS this year. Ssshhhh, she doesn’t know that yet. I sorta kinda signed her up without her knowing. Moms are good like that, aren’t we?

Ali and her best friend, Sierra, are at my parents house. They did this last summer, and wanted to repeat it this year. They were SO excited to be going for a few days. Clark really misses her…it is too quiet around here.

A couple of weeks ago my brother and his family came for a few days. We had a fun time seeing some sights around town. Yes, that means we got to see our stinkin’ cute nephew, Kai. He and Clark are going to get into some serious trouble together in the future…I just know it. Aaahhh, boys!

The kids and I have already started exploring some things around the Houston area. Last week we went to the George Ranch We really enjoyed it. However, we didn’t get to see everything, as we had to cut our visit short. Clark fell and banged his knee up pretty badly…as I mentioned earlier…BOYS! Oh well, we have an excuse to go back now! We have also been to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the Genghis Khan exhibit. We want to go back and see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. Oh, I can’t forget this exhibit we saw when my brother and family were in town. Ali was in heaven!

Ali had a swim meet at UT in Austin over Memorial weekend. She loves swimming at a college pool! Anyway, while we were there we saw the most incredible sight. We were returning to our hotel room after dinner one night, and noticed the sky was filled with black things flying around. We couldn’t figure out if there were birds, butterflies, etc. It finally dawned on us that they were bats…LOTS and LOTS of bats. Ok, there were seriously thousands of bats. It was the most amazing thing.

What is everyone doing this summer? Leave me some comments and tell me your plans!!

soccer, last day of school, time with family

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