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Never loose sight of everday joy!

There are times I am so completely overwhelmed at the life God has given us that it almost takes my breath away. No, I’m not talking earthly wealth (though maybe one day T.C. will get that Hyundai Genesis that he really wants…but maybe not, and that’s ok too) or things the world would call “important”…I’m not talking about that sort of thing at all. I mean those moments that I look around as we are together as a family, and look at our children and my husband. To be so thankful that God entrusted us with 2 incredible children, and that he gave me the most amazing husband ever. (ladies, I know there might be some of you out there that want to beg to differ..heehee…but we can agree to disagree:) ) T.C. works so hard for our family to make it possible for me to be at home raising and schooling them. That is a priority for him, and he does it without complaining…EVER! What can I say, he’s awesome. (and being really darn cute doesn’t hurt either) Anyway, I digress. This week we faced a little something in our marriage, that made us evaluate just what kind of a job we are doing at making our marriage a priority. We realized we were falling down on the job a little. It wasn’t anything major, don’t get me wrong. Just enough to make us take a step back and put into focus just HOW important it is to focus on US amongst the chaos that is our lives. I mean, we do have a competitive swimmer and a gymnast/also soon to be soccer player…which equals to not a lot of time for much else. However, we never want to loose sight of the fact that we were US before we were Mom and Dad! I am more in love with this wonderful man that God chose to bless my life with 14 1/2 years ago…than I ever thought possible back then!! I’m one lucky gal.

Clark was so disappointed yesterday. We drove out to a church that was holding the Upward flag football evaluation, only to realize it was way further out than we realized. The drive isn’t feasible with Ali’s swim practices being in the opposite direction. Once he wiped away the tears, and stopped asking why he couldn’t play football, we convinced him that we would definitely find him a sport he could play. We came home and found a soccer league that isn’t too far away that starts in Oct. We will be registering him this week. He was very excited, but WON’T stop asking when he is going to play soccer. It might be a long month! You know I love to recount Clark’s humor, so that I can have a copy of it later down the road. Well the last couple of days T.C. has been talking to him about chivalry. I admit, at first I was thinking “really…seriously…with a 5 year old?” Guess you can’t start too young. Anyway, Clark really ran with the idea. So…to bring it down to a 5 year old level T.C. explained it like this, “boys save the girls and fight the bad guys.” SOOOOO…last night Clark told him, “Daddy, I will save the GGGIIIRRRRLLLLSSSS…and you fight Darth Vaver (that is how he says Darth Vader!!). Haha..he also added that “Mommy will be our princess.” I like how this boy thinks! He is rotten people…ROTTEN! His phrase of the week has been, “that makes me sad.” He says it EVERY SINGLE TIME he has gotten upset lately. It was cute the first time, not so much the 50th time!

Well, our first two weeks of school were relatively painless. I think I have just about figured out how to school two at once. I am sure it will continue to be a work in progress. Clark DOES talk a lot…ummm, did I mention A LOT? So, we must quiet him down on occasion…ok, like every single day. Ha!! But all in all, so far so good.

Ali had a blast last night at a swim party for the confirmation group at church. You would think she wouldn’t want to look at a pool outside of swim practice, but she still enjoys being in the water for fun. Can’t believe she is now a second year confirmation student….before we know it she will be finishing 8th grade and getting confirmed!! Yikes.

Tonight is date night in the Judd house…….sweet!! We love date nights. Ali’s first question is always “where are you going to eat?” She wants to plan ahead and see if we are going somewhere that she likes (to see if we will bring her something back…hahaha).

Have a great week!!

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Ready for hubby to be home!!!

It has been a tiring week with T.C. in Connecticut on business. His plane can’t land soon enough! Our home just isn’t complete without him here.

We are trying desperately to try to get back into the swimming groove. I am supposed to be waking Ali up in 4 hours for a bright and early morning practice…..but I’m not. She will play hooky. I just can’t bring myself to wake our little man up at 5:00am and KNOW he wouldn’t go back to sleep in the car. So, the morning practices will have to wait until T.C. is home. However, she is managing to get 6 practices in this week…so hopefully the coach won’t complain too much. Could we possibly be involved in a more time consuming sport? Huh? Ha!! She loves it, so that is good enough for us!

Well, I am officially exhausted and better call it a night. Hopefully I will have some cute pictures from the football evaluations on Sat. You know I will sure try.

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One in 8th and one in kindergarten…

How did that happen? One minute the kiddos are itty bitty, and the next minute….not so much! I can’t believe our first born started 8th grade last week. She will be driving before we turn around (she is already talking about it…but I sort of ignore her when she does, like I don’t hear her..haha, just kidding). Well, I am officially homeschooling two children now. Clark moved upstairs to the school room this year. He and I were just doing a little school here and there downstairs before. He likes being upstairs and having his own desk. Things are going remarkably well so far…and for that I am thankful.

T.C. left bright and early this morning (Monday) for a business trip. I have so much respect for single mothers. I truly don’t know how they do it day in and day out. It is exhausting just trying to figure out the logistics of it all. Where is my clone when I need it?

Swimming started back today for Ali. She (or should I say WE) have enjoyed a 3 week break from swimming. It has been nice…..it almost spoiled us. However, reality hit us today as I am still trying to figure out how we are going to do umpteen swim practices, gymnastics, and flag football in the evenings. Somehow it will all work out…it usually does.

Yes, you read that correct……Clark is going to try his hand at Upward flag football. (all 30 something lbs. of him…heehee) He is excited. The evaluation is Saturday morning, and I will be the one with the camera!!

Of course what is a post without pictures?

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Enjoying the southwest….

The children and I just made a spontaneous trip out to Albuquerque, NM to visit with some dear friends of ours. We had not been back since Ali was 5 1/2 and we moved away from there. It was so much fun being there again and seeing lots of old friends. Clark was SO excited to see “the big mountains” that he almost couldn’t contain himself when we were picked up at the airport. He saw them flying in, and couldn’t wait to get a closer look. Our friends home backs up to the Sandia Moutains, so he did get an up close look! Ali remembered quite a bit. We drove by our house on base, and she was recalling many memories that I hadn’t thought about in some time. Our friends took us to many tourist spots. We rode the tram up to the top of Sandia Peak, visited the Pecos National Historical Park and saw Pueblo ruins, watched Indian dancing at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, walked around Santa Fe and Old Town, toured the Balloon Fiesta Museum, the aquarium, and had dinner with friends. It was so much fun…a nice ending to an incredibly busy summer. I also got to see a childhood friend of mine. She and her family relocated to Albuquerque a couple of years ago. I had not seen her since we were teenagers, so it was wonderful to see her again. We giggled about stories of days gone by!

Tomorrow brings with it the beginning of school for us. I will be the teacher to an 8th grader and kindergartner. Oh please pray for me about the latter! No…REALLY! He is much more interested in rocks, bugs, cars, trucks, and the like. Not so much on letters and numbers…..we shall take it slow. The thought of it all breaks me out in a cold sweat. Just kidding, I think.

Here are some pictures from beautiful New Mexico. Our God created such majestic things for us to enjoy.

New Mexico

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