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Fall is NOT in the air…

I was hoping the title was going to be fall is in the air, but it isn’t. We keep hoping and waiting and waiting and hoping, but to no avail. We will have a cool day, then back to heat. Hopefully slowly by surely cooler weather will make it to us! Clark keeps talking about it snowing, ummmmm…and I keep correcting him. He is convinced that because we got a little dusting last year, it will happen again this year. He talks about making the snowman, guess he forgot that it was only about as tall as a ruler! 🙂 Oh well, I bought some yummy apple cider so we can pretend that it is fall. He is excited about Halloween coming up on Saturday. There is a fall festival at the church where he goes to Mother’s Day Out. We will go there for a while, then trick or treat in the neighborhood. Ali is opting out of dressing up this year, but wanted a Halloween shirt to wear when we walk the neighborhood. Seems like yesterday that she was the cutest little scarecrow EVER to walk the face of the earth!! Oh how time flies.

Ali had a swim meet last weekend, and did wonderfully! She placed in the top 8 in every event. She won 3 first place ribbons. We will be going to a swim meet at UT in Austin in November. This will be her 3rd time to swim there…she loves it.

There is not much news around here. But, I will end with some funny Clark sayings…I don’t want to forget all these silly things!

We were having lunch and Ali told Clark to hurry up and he told her, “don’t worry about me, worry about you.” (guess he had heard that before?)

Clark was eating breakfast and I had gone upstairs. He started talking to me and didn’t know I couldn’t hear him. Ali told him that I couldn’t hear him and that he would have to tell me later. He said, “I’m not listening, talk to yourself.” (ummm, yeah..he got in trouble for that smart talk!!)

The ladies guild at church gave out little boxes to fill with change to bring back to church to help the needy. Clark brought his home, emptied his piggy bank and brought it to me. He told me it was to help people that didn’t have money, and then he told me it was all he had in his bank. Isn’t that sweet?

Ali told me the other day that she decided what she wanted for Christmas. She said, “the Jonas Brothers…like the REAL DEAL.” Yeah, she wants Joe Jonas for Christmas. Ha! T.C. responded like this, “you have to get rid of your cats then, because if we are taking in the Jonas Brothers we can’t have the cats too! haha…great Dad response!

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Seeing RED!!!

Red hair that is! We saw our little nephew, Kai, this weekend…and lo and behold the little cuteness himself is a redhead! I was so surprised. My mom had been holding out information from me. He is SO adorable. We had not seen him since May, and he has changed so much. He is a year old now and almost 20 lbs….he’s come along way from the 2 lb. little fellow he started out as.

Yesterday, we met my parents and Jay and his family in a small town halfway between Houston and Lake Charles. We all had lunch together, and ended up staying about 3 1/2 hours. I still love the fact that we live so much closer to my family now. For years, we all just dreamed of being able to do something like that together.

Clark started his second season of soccer this week. His first game was supposed to be Sat., but it was rained out. It seems to be a well run league, and I think he will really enjoy it. In his mind, he is THE MAN out on the field. Ha-Ha!!

Next weekend will find us cheering on our favorite swimmer. It will be Ali’s first short course meet of the season. She will be swimming another 500 meter race, which she doesn’t exactly love. It’s good practice.

Here are a few funny Clark sayings from the last couple of weeks:

The children and I were in the car and Ali asked me to see if I could name her 3 favorite sodas. I started guessing a couple and she corrected me and said one was grape Fanta. Clark chimed in, “you mean like Fanta of the Opera.” (ok, now that’s funny…right?)

When I told Clark that he was going to see Nona and Poppy this weekend, he told me, “just tell Nona not to kiss me ’cause boys kissing girls is just weird.”

We gave Clark our old cell phones to play with, and he loves talking on them. He was playing with them other day, and I asked him to run upstairs and put his shoes away. He runs off to do it, then runs back to me and puts the phone beside me and says, “tell me if it rings.” Then later we were at the grocery and he had one in his pocket. When he pulled it out, I asked why he brought it with him and he said, “because I might need to call somebody.” (kids these days!! haha)

Have a wonderful week.

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