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Posts from — November 2009

Ride ’em cowboys…

We live in Texas, so what could be more fitting for Halloween than to go as a cowboy? Yeehawwwww! Clark did just that, and he was the cutest little cowboy I had ever seen! First we went to the fall festival at the church where he goes to Mother’s Day Out, then we trick or treated in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is very popular for trick or treating, so it was packed! Ali felt too old to dress up, so I talked her into wearing an Elvis mask that she has. Pretty funny indeed.

Today was family day for the National Guard. They had bouncy houses for the kids, face painting, lunch, booths, and a a small car show. It is always fun to get together with the other chaplain staff and their families. We have been blessed to have met some neat families.

I honestly can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from Thursday. Yikes, how did this year pass so quickly? We will be spending Thanksgiving in Lake Charles with my family. Ali can’t wait for “Nona’s cooking.” Ha, what does that say about my cooking? Haha!! 🙂 Ali has already been talking about all the yummy foods that Thanksgiving entails. She also likes to decorate the house for Christmas right after Thanksgiving! I’m already prepared that on the very same day we roll in from Lake Charles, she will be pulling the ladder down for us to bring the boxes of decorations down from the attic.

We will be heading to Austin on Friday, so Ali can attend another swim meet at the University of Texas.The whole team will go out to dinner together one night, and the kids love that. Ali is a little nervous, as she is hoping to cut some time off her current times.

I am reading The Hiding Place about the life of Corrie ten Boom. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do so. It is about her life in Holland as she and her family tried to hide Jews from the Nazis. She and her family were later captured and sent to a prison, and then later to a concentration camp in Germany. It has been so convicting for me. Her parents were devout Christians who put their complete hope and trust in the Lord throughout EVERY situation. Her father found the good in every and all circumstances. As a result of that faith, it trickled down to Corrie and her siblings. Even in the unfathomable conditions of the concentration camp, her main focus was reaching others for the Lord. She would pull out her smuggled copy of the Bible and read to as many people as could gather around. Instead of blaming God for allowing them to be in that situation, she and her sister used it as an opportunity to offer hope in what seemed like a hopeless situation. Wow! Would I have faith like that, or would I crumble under the hardship? Quite convicting indeed.

Well, it is Thursday now…and I began this post last Sunday. So much for staying on task.

Some funny things I want to keep for future reference:
Clark was just rambling on and on the other day and Ali blurted out that talking to Clark was like a Mad Libs…because you never knew what nonsense he was going to throw out. Ha!!

I was walking Clark into school the other day and he told me that he had a BIG mosquito bite..when I asked him to show it to me..I had to inform him that it was in fact his wrist bone. Didn’t he realize it wasn’t itching?

The sweetest thing ever happened the other night. Clark found a big plastic bag and ran upstairs with it. I called up to his room and asked what he was doing. He informed me that he had packed up a lot of stuffed animals to give to children that didn’t have any. He then told me that he wanted me to drive him around and he would knock on peoples doors and see if their children had toys, if not he wanted to share his! It was even his FAVORITE ones. How cute is that?

Clark was doing his typical talk, talk, talking in the car one night. We did our typical and weren’t exactly listening to everything he was saying. Eventually he was talking to himself and said, “well that’s funny, they aren’t laughing at me.” Hahaha…apparently he had said something funny and was a bit irritated that we weren’t listening.

So I am now off to pack for our weekend trip to Austin!

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