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Life in the Judd house

No big news to report around here. T.C.’s dad came for a visit last weekend, and we all enjoyed that. We had Clark’s birthday party with friends last Saturday at the gym where he takes gymnastics. The kids had a blast playing on some of the equipment, the foam pit, and some bouncy houses. Oh, and the VERY best part…no house to clean up afterwards…YES!!

Speaking of gymnastics, Clark has been asked to join the developmental team (which is just one step down from the competition team). One of the coaches talked to T.C. about Clark having potential and wanting to bump up his training. This will entail that he takes twice a week now for 2 hours each. Currently he is only taking an hour a week. We have decided to let him try it for a while to see if this is something he would like to continue. T.C. and I joked that our next 2 children will have 2 choices…swimming or gymnastics!! 🙂 Oh yeah, not to mention Clark will start soccer back up in the spring. I think I need to clone myself.

As for the adoption, things are moving right along. Our social worker made her first home visit last weekend. (could those visits get any more invasive? sheesh!) It was a nerve racking few hours knowing she was critiquing everything I said and everything in our home. I think she has to come another time, and then she can finish the detailed report of our lives and home. We hope to have this process finished within 2-3 weeks. Once the report is in our hands, we can send our dossier (ie..big freakin’ stack of paperwork and documents) off to Washington D.C. for authentication. Once it is authenticated, it will be sent to Ethiopia for translation. We are very anxious to have it on its way! We have our doctor appointments this week to gather some of our last documents for our dossier. We need health letters stating our current health status, etc. So………things are moving right along. Every little step is one step closer to bringing our children home.

My parents are going to be sailing the high seas this week. They leave for a cruise tomorrow….I’m just a tad bit jealous! 🙂 They could have at least packed me in their luggage. Haha!

Well, my hunny will be celebrating his birthday on Tuesday!! Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband ever!

Funny Clarkism…he is memorizing an ABC Bible verse book (a verse for every letter of the alphabet) and we were reviewing the first few this week and this is how it came out. “A soft answer turns away math” (haha…had to have a reminder talk about what wrath was!!) It was pretty funny.

Some pictures from his party, etc.

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Living beyond ourselves

Do you ever feel like you are meandering through life, happy about where you are, but perhaps being a little too content with everything? I think God has been trying to shake me up a bit lately. Not in a bad way at all, but bringing to light just how easy most of us have it. Daily life, I mean, think about how easy we TRULY have it. Running water…check. Air conditioning when it is hot…hot air when it is cold…check. Roof over our heads and food on our table…check. A doctor to take our children to when they are sick…check! Now, check this out  and THIS! Talk about an eye opener. Korah is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It began as a leper community. Now it is just a community for those society deems as outcasts (lepers, prostitutes, orphans, HIV/Aids, etc.) I know this same scene is played out all over the world, but for us, this place hits home. Our children will be from this country. Such dire circumstances.  We become so comfortable in our nice warm homes. When actually God calls us all throughout the Bible to care for the poor and the orphans. In James 1:27 God tells us this, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” WOW! For every child adopted in Ethiopia, there are 10,000 that are not. That is only in Ethiopia, I don’t want to even think about the statistics worldwide. It’s humbling at the very least. What does that mean for us? I usually think to myself, “well, I’m just one person..how could I possibly help?” Yes, I know we are adopting again…but what about those left behind? What can we, as Christians, do to be God’s hands and feet to those? What I DO know is that God has burdened our hearts. I’m just know sure what that looks like right now. More adoptions down the road? Who knows!  T.C. says we should have 14. Not sure where 14 came from…seemed like a good number at the time? Also not sure where they would sleep in our 4 bedroom home. Or how we would feed them. Oh details, details! 🙂 He just says we will have 14 children and travel to Africa helping to build water wells for clean water. Ummm, we’ll see….the verdict is still out. I still can’t get over the number 14. We thought we were running out of room in our home as a family of 4. God does change our hearts, and reveals things to us…like how much money we waste on this and that. Things we thought were important at the time, now seem not so important. How I always thought children needed their own bedroom, somehow doesn’t seem important at all now. I mean, only being able to have 3 children with their own room (since we only have 4 bedrooms)…or having bunk beds and giving more children a chance at life, with a family, knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. See, the bedroom situation doesn’t seem important at all. What our children will have is a place to call home, a family that loves them, siblings that adore them, parents that will do anything in our power for them, will love them unconditionally, kiss them when they fall, pray for them when they are hurting, and parents that will thank the Lord continually for the privilege of being their Mom and Dad! Suddenly what some consider “plan B” (when they find out you’re adopting), becomes plan A. I wouldn’t change what God has done in our lives. God does NOT have plan B’s. Adoption was always God’s plan A for our lives, LONG before we knew it. Thank you God! Trust me, we have had Clark home for not quite 2 years and 5 months, and it isn’t all a bed of roses. We still have some struggles with him. Sometimes I wonder if my hair is getting grayer by the second, and look in the mirror and find out that yes it is! However, every struggle with him is better than not having those struggles without him! I think (and pray) his struggles will be overcome in time. He knows he is loved, and he loves us endlessly right back!

As for our adoption process, still not much progress. We are waiting on the final approval on our social worker from our adoption agency, so that she can begin her home visits. She must make 2 home visits, interview each child, and put all the gathered information into a multi page report. We giggle at the thought of Clark’s interview…good luck with that, Miss Social Worker! Mark my words, his first comment is going to be that he isn’t changing any poopy diapers!! Haha!! We don’t know why, but he is quite concerned about that. Geez, the social worker is going to think, “what kind of parents are they, sticking their kids on diaper duty.” GREAT!  Anyway, aside from that, I am still waiting for some documents to come in the mail that I have ordered.  Once those come in, we will be well on our way to having a good part of our dossier (paperwork) completed. T.C. and I will be having our blood work done this week. Once the results are back, we will have our medical exams. Things are well underway!

We celebrated Clark’s 6th birthday on Tuesday, the 5th! Can’t believe our little fellow is 6 years old. His party with friends is going to be next Sunday at the gym where he takes gymnastics. So, on Tuesday we just celebrated as a family. He opened a load of gifts, and we had the non traditional birthday cookie ice cream sandwiches. I tried to think of something outside of the box, since he would be having cake at his real party. He LOVED them. He got so excited when we sang him Happy Birthday, that he kept telling us thank you. So cute and sweet.

Our sweet girl, Ali, is doing great. She is making very good grades in school, and doing well in swimming. She has another swim meet next Sat. As it works out, her grandfather will be town to watch her. That is pretty special, since we only get to see him about twice a year! God was so good to bless us with this opportunity. Ali was also asked to help lead a small group at iyouth (Wed. night youth group at our church). She was excited and surprised at the same time. According to the youth leader, she thinks she is mature for her age. It was an honor…and made Mom and Dad pretty stinkin’ proud also!! We sure LOVE our teenage girl. You’re a rock star to us!

I will leave you with some pictures of Clark’s birthday, and a little of this and little of that…per my norm! 🙂

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