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Posts from — February 2010

Wedding bells…at age 6?

To explain the title, we were in church on Wednesday evening and one of Clark’s friends came over and hugged and kissed him. He immediately leaned over to T.C. and whispered, “I’m going to marry her.” Wow, that was easy…that’s all it took? I hope he plays a little harder to get as the years go on!! Haha. He already has another girlfriend. He was looking at pictures that I had taken at the zoo the other day of he and his friend, Katarina. We got to one picture of the two of them and I said, “awww is that your buddy?” He very quickly said, “no, she is my girlfriend.” Ok then! 🙂

I wanted to give an adoption update from this week. We got word a few days ago that our home study was approved by our adoption agency! Wahoo. There were just a few minor things that they asked our social worker to change. We were so relieved. Another step crossed off of our list. We should hopefully receive our final copies of the home study report within the week. (I hope!) Once I get that, I can send in our CIS (customs and immigration) application. We took yet another stack of things to be notarized yesterday. It kind of feels like it is never ending at this stage of the game, but we know it will all get done. I am much more relaxed this time around. And the next time around will be even easier…ok, I’m kidding about there being a next time around…maybe! Well anyway, after the home study comes in, we have a few more things to get notarized and authenticated in Austin, then we have to get our entire dossier approved by our adoption agency. I think that will probably take a couple of weeks. But then…it will be on its way to Washington D.C.!!! We have to hire a courier service to hand deliver our documents to the State Department and then to the Ethiopian Embassy. It has to be authenticated by both. So much red tape, but SOOOOO very much worth it all. We are one step closer to holding our children! I don’t believe we have revealed the names of our future children…..drum roll please…..Savannah Elizabeth (Elizabeth means “God’s Promise”, it is a family name on my side and also my middle name) and our son will be Noah James (Noah means “rest” and James means “he who supplants”…James is special to us because both of our fathers are James) We will also maintain one of their Ethiopian names as well. In great Judd fashion, our names aren’t set in stone…and have the possibility of changing. However, we are almost certain these will be their names, if we are blessed with one boy and one girl…of course! Maybe with Noah meaning rest, perhaps he will be a little less HIGH spirited than our Clarkie man! Heehee! And by high spirited I mean….prone to recurrent meltdowns. But I mean that in the most loving possible way….OF COURSE, right?

Well, our teenager is wearing contacts now! How is it that she is old enough to be wearing contacts? Oh me oh my, seems like yesterday we were picking out her first cute little pair of glasses. But I digress…..she is so excited to finally be able to wear contacts. She got to go and pick out a pair of sunglasses…regular sunglasses….not prescription!!! Though her style isn’t exactly what I would have envisioned her wearing, it very rarely is…haha!! She loves them none the less. Why is it that things I wore as a young teen are now back out…I mean, they weren’t exactly stylish back then (well, I guess technically they were, but shouldn’t have been!!)…and now they are back again. Ugh! 🙂 Ha!

T.C. is working all weekend with the National Guard. Next weekend we will be up in The Woodlands while T.C. teaches at another National Guard marriage retreat. Thank heavens for Nona and Poppy that can come to our rescue and stay with the kiddos. It’s not like Ali and Clark don’t enjoy being spoiled by them though!! Then the weekend after that, we will be back up in The Woodlands for an all weekend champ swim meet. Ali will be swimming a 1000 yard freestyle for the first time. Her response was, “I knew he (the coach) would make me do that eventually!” We bought her a new technical suit for the meet…….we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Well, my little man just woke up from his nap, and I have a date with my children now! We are going to enjoy the beautiful sunshine at a local park! Adios!

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