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Almost spring

Can’t believe March is here, and spring right around the corner. Life is passing by so quickly these days. I want to savor our children’s childhoods, yet they are passing with lightning speed. I want to remember Clark telling me he wants to marry me because I’m “soooooooo gorgeous” (his words, not mine) and then when I explain he can’t marry me because I’m his mommy and his daddy’s wife he then telling me he will marry Katarina and Emma (his friends). I had to bite my tongue from telling him good luck keeping up with one woman much less two! Ha! I want to remember Ali going on and on and on about how dumb the boys act at church and what bad manners they have when they eat dinner at Bible study on Wed. nights…and how one boy always goes barefooted and puts his feet in peoples faces…and just HOW discusting that is. 🙂 And how when I ask Clark WHY he did one of the many things he shouldn’t have done he simply answers, “because I thought you were going to get mad.” Great way to avoid the question all together buddy! And how when Clark thinks he can get away with something simply because I wasn’t in the room to witness the act, his answer is “but you didn’t see me.” And the sheer joy bodily functions bring to a little boy…I still don’t get that one! But, I know when I am old and grey it will make me chuckle none the less. I want to remember Ali telling me all about the drama that is going on within the swimteam…it is big news when 2 best friends get in an arguement…and all the other girls are running around going “like oh my goodness, what just happened?” Ya know!! And how Ali cried when she didn’t do as well as she could have on her 9 week exams, and how Clark couldn’t hold it any longer in the tub and tinkled in the water and then told me, “don’t worry, it’s just water dripping from it.” (yeah right big guy!) I want to remember all of this because I know they will be grown up all too soon and my days driving to swimming, gymnastics, and soccer will be over..and I. WILL. MISS. IT. TERRIBLY! So I say God please help me to savor every moment. Even when every moment isn’t always perfect. (or even close)

Oh where to start…I hesitated writing about this, but will do so only because we ask you to join us in prayer over this situation. Several weeks ago now, I was walking out of the church after dropping Clark off in his Mother’s Day Out classroom. The director of the program stopped me. She began by saying how she knew we are in the adoption process (Clark has always had a special place in her heart), and asked if we knew anyone that might be interested in housing some Haitian children. She preceded to tell me the story of a lady in their church (a Methodist church around the corner from us) is on the board of directors for a children’s home in Haiti that had severe damage to their building from the earthquake. Their vision for the girls home (they also have a separate boys home in a different location), is not to have the children adopted, but to raise them up with Biblical training and educate them in hopes of them becoming contributing members of society that will hopefully begin to help turn Haiti around. As a result of the living conditions since the earthquake, however, they now desire to get the girls out of Haiti and safely to the U.S. They were in need of sponsors to basically be foster parents for these girls while their orphanage is being repaired. The children/young ladies are now living in a tent, and just the last couple of days someone built a small wooden building to sleep in since they were having trouble keeping the tent up. Anyway, long story short, we were asked to pray about sponsoring a sibling set of 3 girls…a 7 year old and a 4 year old set of twins. We did, and agreed that how could we not do this? But it is easier said than done! There is red tape that goes along with something like this. We are in the process of applying for humanitarian visas for the girls, but are not sure how long this could possibly take. Just please pray with us that God would open the doors and allow the girls to be able to come to the states and feel safe and loved. It is a day to day basis wondering if there will be good news that day…or any news at all for that matter. I’m not going to reveal the girls names on such a public forum, but I will say that they all begin with G! God knows who you are praying about. Wish I could share their pictures, so precious…just take our word for it. With all of that said, our Ethiopia adoption is temporarily on hold as we see what will transpire with the girls. I believe they are applying for passports currently. Just pray for their health, safety, and nutrition.

Like I mentioned, we are holding off sending in our adoption paperwork for now. Our dossier packet is finished (except for 2 documents that need authentication) and almost ready to be sent in for approval. It is tough for us to decide whether or not to continue on with the adoption or hold off for a while. Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes if God’s plans for our lives were written out for us so clearly, we just had to follow them? If only…if only…it were that easy. I was reading to Clark the other night and was in awe of the last page of the book and how much it meant to me. It is called “The Legend of the Three Trees” and it is about 3 trees that each wanted to become wonderful, grand things when they grew up. One wanted to be a a treasure chest, another a strong ship, and lastly one wanted to stay on the mountainside and point people to God. However, God had other plans…one became Jesus’ manger, the other the boat where Jesus calmed the storm, and another was Jesus’ cross. The final page goes like this: “The dreams of the three trees came true. It was just not in the way they imagined. As with the three trees, God has a plan for each of us. And so we see, God’s ways are not always our ways, but His ways are always best.” Thirteen years ago I had absolutely no desire to have a multicultural family..none…zero…zilch. Just wanted to have our 2.5 children, typical American family. (how is it you can have 2.5 kids anyway? ha…but that’s what “they” say is the average family) But now, no way…what’s “normal” anway? Who wants to be normal? But God has given us a love for children that goes so much deeper than skin color. I long for the day I can look over and see our brown skins and white skins being nothing more than brothers and sisters. PERIOD! I want it to be so normal to them that they don’t even notice skin color. Maybe it sounds more like a fairy tale than real life, but that is what we long for. No, we surely won’t fit into what society deems “normal”…..and I say bring it on!

We have been very busy around here. Marriage conference one weekend, swim meet the next,  then T.C.’s mom was here last weekend. It’s been busy, but fun. Ali did well at her swim meet despite just getting over the stomach bug and having an injured shoulder. The marriage conferences are always fun, as I get to see the other chaplain staff wives. We all have a good time chatting it up! We will have another one in July. Spring break around here is week after next. We will be making a couple of quick trips to visit family…always enjoyable!

I will close this with a few pictures from the last few weeks.

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