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14 years…how did they pass by so quickly?

I have to give a shout out to my wonderful husband for putting up with me for 14…yes 14 years! I’m not sure how that happened, since we are only 25 years old now. Hummm, how does that work? Yeah, don’t do the math…just take my word for it…we’re 25! 🙂 14 years ago today we were vowing for better or worse, richer or poorer…and my have we tested those to the limits. Haha, I’m kidding. It has been an amazing journey that has only just begun. We look forward with anticipation all the the Lord has in store for us as our journey continues. Thanks, honey, for 14 years that have been beyond my wildest imagination.

Well, since my last blog, we found out some disheartening news about getting our Haitian girls here. The lawyer went to Haiti to plead with the U.S. Embassy there, to no avail. He initially was led to believe that it was going to be an easy process…made it through one visit with flying colors. Then the following day the “big wig” in Washington D.C. personally called him and told him that there was a new policy that would hinder him from approving the visa applications. NOT A LAW mind you, it is just a policy. However, even though there is NO law against our bringing the girls here…is was a fight this man was not willing to fight on our behalf…no, make that on the girls behalf. They are the ones suffering in that heat. It is already hot…no air…and very little protection from the elements. How heartbreaking to imagine their day to day life………..all because of some stupid policy. However, with all that said, God is still in control and still on His throne. His ways are far greater than our ways. He has made all things beautiful in HIS time. I was reminded the other day in 2 Corinthians that HIS grace is sufficient for all our needs. So we wait. And seek His face. And pray for his leading. His perfect will. And thank him for his perfect peace. We look forward to the future with eager anticipation of what God will work out for His glory. We honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. There is also a slight chance that we could just pursue adopting the girls outright, with them in Haiti and us here. However, it could be a long uphill battle. So as you see, everything is as clear…as…well….MUD! Ha! I am going to break down and include some pictures of the girls. I want for you to have faces to put behind the prayers.

We are still sitting on our Ethiopian dossier. We did, however, send it in to our agency for approval. It was approved, but with a few minor changes. I’m working on those changes now…buying us a little more time. Time to work through our thoughts on whether to press forward at this time.

I want to present you with something to mull over, pray over, and spread the word about. There are some buildings that the organization would like to put on the girls home property to give them protection. They are currently trying to raise the much needed funds to buy the buildings that are called Haiti Hope Homes….check them out here on their faceboook page. You can watch a video clip about the homes. You can also check out this facebook page about the girls home. You can see lots of pictures. I asked about how we can start giving for the homes and I am going to just copy and paste the instructions.
1. Go to www.haitiloveandfaith.org
2. Click on Button 1/2 down Home page -Donate to Earthquake Relief
3. Star of Hope page opens – complete all information so you can get a tax credit. All funds automatically go to Haiti Love & Faith.
4. In the comment box write HELPING HL&F (Please ask anyone that you share this with to put Helping HL&F in the comment box so we can see how much money is raised originating from my rescue families (that’s you). I think we might be surprised.

Ali had a swim meet this weekend, and Clark had a soccer game/practice/and team pictures. It was busy all around, but wouldn’t change it for the world. Next weekend is proving to be just as busy or busier with a soccer game and practice, birthday party, a team hosted swim clinic for Ali, and also a swim banquet. (not to mention T.C. will be working all weekend) We will see if I can successfully be multiple places at once.

I like to include funny Clark sayings for my own memory.
1. We were eating at Chick Fil A and they were handing out samples of milkshakes. Clark accepted one……and quickly spilled it all over himself and the floor. T.C. looked over and said, “that was awesome”…which Clark quickly responded, “that was NOT awesome!”
2. We were at a store not long ago and Clark saw something that caught his eye and he yelled out, “SWEEEEEEEETNESS!!”
3. A little background…when we see Clark dancing around or the like we sing, “work it, work it…” So the other day (I can’t remember what prompted this) Clark yells out, “oh yeah…work it all day long…” ha!

This kiddo is entertaining, that is for sure!

The countdown is on…T minus 11 days until we are Disney bound! When Ali asked us at dinner tonight what we are most excited about going to Disney, I’m going to just be honest and tell that I said I was most excited about no cleaning, no cooking, and no swim practices….haha, is that SO wrong? 🙂 Seriously though, I just LOVE watching our children have such a great time at such a fun place. The happiest place on earth…or so they say. Ali is SOOOOO excited she can hardly stand it. She has been reading her books on Disney World, which is making the anticipation that much worse. We decided that on our way home from Orlando we are going to stop off in Ft. Walton Beach for a night to let the children enjoy that beautiful beach for a while. Oh, and take in our favorite dive for dinner, of course! We wish it could be for more than one night, but T.C. doesn’t have much military leave…so we are thankful for one night.

soccer and swimming

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Up from the grave he arose

We hope you enjoyed your Easter celebrations. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. How blessed we are that He loved us enough to die such an excruciating death on the cross for US! Ali and I volunteered to participate in our church’s “Journey to the Cross.” We were “tour guides” on the journey. It was a fabulous hands on exhibit that had different stations leading to the empty tomb. A wonderful visual for children and adults alike. Aside from that, of course we had an egg hunt in our back yard that Ali still loves…even at 13. 🙂

We have been enjoying spring around here. We have tried to take advantage of the nice weather the last few weeks and take little field trips the past few Friday’s. One week we caught a play at an outdoor theater downtown followed by a picnic in a park. The next week we toured part of downtown Houston, went through the underground tunnels, went very high up in some skyscrapers, then had a picnic at another park. This week we went with friends to pick strawberries. Fun times! Once the mid summer heat hits, you just can’t really enjoy being outside too much.

We have 27 days until we embark on another Disney World vacation! The kids are super excited. I just love watching our children at Disney…makes this Mommy’s heart want to explode with joy! Once again we found some fabulous discounts available to military members. Praise God…it is allowing us the opportunity to go again this year! They are offering 4 (or maybe 5) day passes for $99 each, that is an amazing savings. Plus we got a great rate at our hotel also. I love saving money!! We know how to be thrifty when we vacation. 🙂 Yes, I pack my backpack with water bottles/snacks/etc….which saves a ton. It has been interesting planning this vacation though. We don’t know if we will have our Haitian princesses by then or not. So……..I have had to make reservations at 2 different hotels. Can’t exactly cram a family of 7 into a small room made for 4. Just doesn’t work! Haha! But, I did find a great suite for a good price outside of the park. Either way…family of 4 or family of 7…we are Disney bound.

Speaking of our Haitian princesses…..we are still waiting on the final word. The lawyer that is representing all of the sponsoring families, is flying to Haiti on Monday. He will be going to the U.S. Embassy in Haiti to plead with them face to face. The situation is getting worse for the girls. Some have gotten sick, it is hot already, and the rainy season is approaching. Our Humanitarian Visa applications were sent to Washington D.C. last Tuesday. No one knows how long it could take for them to make a decision. We were blessed with the opportunity to be able to send them a care package. We sent them dresses, coloring books, a photo album full of pictures, etc. We just pray all the time that God protects them and allows them to leave Haiti. Our Ethiopian adoption is still on hold.

Soccer season started back this week for Clark. He just loves soccer and is so excited. The game was rained out today and some tears were shed over that. Ali has a wonderful opportunity to take a swim clinic taught by Ian Crocker, an Olympic medalist. Her swim team is hosting the event. She will also be attending a swim camp at UT, in Austin, this summer with several friends from the swim team. They are so excited. Her first dorm experience…I’m a little nervous about that.

Well, gotta run…duty calls. Would love to hear some comments about your summer plans..vacations, etc.

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