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To Disney and back again

We have returned from our whirlwind trip to Disney World. We spent 4 days touring the parks and a day at a Disney water park. It was a lot of fun. Yes, we did Disney last year also…you would think we could be a little more creative. 🙂 However, hands down Disney is the #1 vacation destination in our children’s eyes! They love, love, love it and can’t get enough. T.C. and I were dragging our behinds by the end of the week, but they were still going strong. Lots and lots of walking, crowds, and late nights makes one feel their age rather quickly. Haha! I think T.C. and I are in agreement that a week on the beach (doing NOTHING) is on the agenda for next years vacation. We spent the night on the beach in Destin on our way home, and what a tease that was! I wanted to stay for a week…or a month! It is so fun to watch our children at Disney. Even Ali, at 13, still gets excited. She is a huge Disney fan…gets it from her Uncle Jay. She loves reading books on the subject and learning all kinds of Disney facts. She is wanting to read a biography of Walt Disney now. Looks like this won’t be the end of our trips to Disney. I was reminded the other day, while listening to someone on the radio, that this is what our children will remember….experiences, trips, and time together as a family. Yes, it’s no secret, we could easily be spending the vacation money on painting the inside of our house or putting in new floors (both of which we desperately need). However, will our children remember if our house was “picture perfect” or will they remember we had a blast being silly at Disney World? I really hope it is the ladder! That is what I think of when I think of my childhood. We always took a 2 week vacation every summer. We would do something fun like Disney, Six Flags, or Washington D.C. and then visit family or friends along the way. I don’t care that our house didn’t look like it came out of a magazine. We are giving our children memories!

Ali will be in 9th grade in the fall, and I just can’t believe it! Only 4 short more years and she will be entering college! I think I might have a panic attack just from typing that. I’m a little emotional today…I dropped Clark off for his last day of preschool this morning. He has been there for 2 years now. Where does the time go? The preschool director was outside this morning and she teared up when Clark hugged her. Which, as you can imagine, made me do the same. Oh childhood is so fleeting. I have to savor it.

On the adoption front…….nothing has panned out in regards to getting the 3 girls out of Haiti. It has been so sad to think of what they endure every single day. However, with governmental bureaucracy it just hasn’t been possible to get them out of Haiti easily. We were considering trying to file for an adoption of  the girls, but it has been very difficult to find out information how to go about doing that. The lady that runs the girls home is trying to locate a lawyer to get some answers. But so far she can’t locate the person she was looking for. So many people are misplaced since the earthquake. If some doors don’t open up soon in regards to Haiti, we will more than likely continue on with our Ethiopian adoption. We got final approval of our dossier (adoption paperwork) this week. We are awaiting instructions on how to get it all authenticated in Washington D.C.  We should receive all the instructions in the mail by the end of the week. Hopefully we will finally get this adoption underway! It will be quite a wait before we will get referrals for specific children though.

Clark is finishing up his soccer season. I believe he has 2 more games. He loves soccer so much. He will be attending a British soccer day camp in June. He will love it. For what he might lack in talent, he sure makes up for with his enthusiasm!

Ali is looking forward to swim camp at UT, and also about having a friend from out of town come stay for a bit. I know summer is going to pass way too fast like always.

What are your summer plans?

*UPDATE* from the time I wrote this yesterday morning…to the time I actually got it finished up, I was in contact with our case manager at our adoption agency. She informed me that there is supposed to be a sibling group of 2 girls that will be coming available before too long. They are awaiting the final paperwork on them. She asked if we would like to consider them as a possible referral. They are roughly ages 4 and 5, but we don’t have ANY other information on them. I say “roughly” because their ages are often  incorrect. We will be given the opportunity to review their files and pictures and make a decision. We just don’t know when this might take place. We would appreciate your prayers for discernment and being open to what God has in store for our family! Thank you.

Pictures from our trip….

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