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Joy comes in the morning

God reminded me of this verse just the other day.

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5 

 My brother, Jay, and his wife and daughter are in China RIGHT NOW for the adoption of their son, Will. They signed the paperwork on Tuesday, so it is now official. All they have been through, the years of waiting, the heartache, it was all for this moment. This moment!! Reading about their experiences on their blog, and talking to my sister in law yesterday has reminded me time and again of all we endured to bring Clark home. It was a long road. A road filled with uncertainty and doubt. But a road that was hand constructed by none other than God himself, before the creation of time. A road that I can now look back upon and see his glorious handiwork. Every detail orchestrated in a way that only He could do. Just as our nephew has joined his family at the exact moment in time that God had planned. Pray for Will as he adapts to his new family. He is small for a 1 year old, and is only taking formula and rice cereal up to this point. Pray also that he bonds easily to Jay and Paula. He is doing better daily…even laughing now! I for one can’t wait to get my hands on him. 🙂

Jay, Will, Paula, and Abby (their son Kai remained in the states)

Jay, Will, Paula, and Abby (their son Kai remained in the states)

Will with coffee cup...to show how small he is (but how CUTE is he!!!)

Will with coffee cup...to show how small he is (but how CUTE is he!!!)

This Saturday we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary of Clark joining our family. Some in the adoption circle call it “Gotcha Day”…I, however, can’t stand that term. Gotcha…really? I simply call it our Happy Adoption Day or Family Day. We usually get the kiddos a small gift and take them out for a nice dinner. This year we want to do something different, so we located a couple of Russian markets in Houston. We plan on visiting the 2 markets, and then probably end up somewhere fun for dinner. We were reminiscing last night about some of the foods we miss and enjoyed while in Ukraine. Ali really loved the milk and yogurt, and we all LOVED the juice! Their juice is so delicious…we hope to find some at the market this weekend! It tastes like they just squeeze the fruit right into the box of juice. We would like to enjoy some borsch (beet soup that Ukraine/Russian is known for) at a Russian restaurant after we tour the markets, but the one that I know of in Houston is now closed. I might have to do a little more research to try and find another one!

We are still waiting to receive the completed 2nd set of medicals on our girls. It was 3 weeks yesterday that we received part of the results. I thought surely we would have the rest by now…silly me. I may never fully understand all the waiting that goes along with international adoption…I should be very good at the wait by now! We did, however, learn of a wonderful opportunity that we could take advantage of. There is a small production crew in Ethiopia that has begun doing adoption videos for families in the process. They go to the children’s region and interview family members…background information on children, etc. Then they actually film when you meet your children for the first time. You get the video and a translated CD version. Isn’t that so amazing. If we have the extra money, we really hope to take advantage of this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Gone fishin’

That’s right, we just spent a week on a lake in Indiana and the children fished, fished, and fished some more! We were in Indiana visiting T.C.’s side of the family, and we stayed at his grandmother’s lake house. It was a lot of fun watching the kiddos fish, row in the fishing boat, swim, and just enjoy being outdoors. I am thankful they will have those memories as they grow up. We were able to get some baby sugar from our sweet niece, Finley. She was born on June 1st, and she’s just precious. Clark was able to have some boy time with our nephews, Jackson and Sawyer. Ali was also able to have a couple of friends from Louisville come out to the lake for a day of swimming. One day we went blueberry picking at Huber’s Orchard with some our Louisville friends and met others for lunch that day. So great to see such dear friends from our time in Louisville.

Oh I just can’t believe summer is passing so very quickly. SUMMER…PLEASE. SLOW. DOWN! I will be starting school with the children before I know it. Booooooooo! They have had a good summer, however. So I can’t complain. Clark loved soccer camp. He didn’t want it to end. It was overcast 4 out of the 5 days, which helped so much with the heat. Ali has an end of the season champ meet coming up this weekend (at an outdoor pool…pretty much thrilled about that…ok, not really!). It will be one crazy weekend, as it is also a marriage conference weekend. T.C. has another marriage conference with the National Guard that he is helping to teach. I will be going back and forth between the meet and the conference. Did I mention it’s an outdoor meet…I mean, who does that in TX in the summer? Ick!

We received new pictures of our Ethiopian princesses today!! I long for the photo updates. They don’t come as regularly as they are supposed to. However, when they do….it makes my day. We have also received part of their second round of medicals. It was their blood work. I sent it all to our pediatrician, and praise God, she gave it all a thumbs up. Some of the numbers were a little high/low, but nothing concerning! We are now awaiting the chest x-rays, 2 page doctors report, and a couple of other things. Hope it all comes in soon.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

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