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Posts from — March 2011

The happiest place on earth?

Or so they say…but none the less a few weeks ago we had our vacation to Disney World. I must admit, though I HATED to spend the money, flying was definitely nice! Once we touched down in Orlando we checked in at the Magical Express counter and were whisked off to Disney. We didn’t have to mess with baggage claim as our bags just “magically” appeared in our room several hours later! Wonderful. We are usually in the car for a 2 day journey to Disney…but this time we were there in a few hours. We will probably never fly again, but it sure was nice this time! However, we did miss our vehicle once we were there. We had to rely on park transportation, though as nice as that is, we still missed being able to drive to some places. It all worked out though. The kiddos had a great time and that is definitely what is important. We had fantastic weather too!

T.C.’s mom came for a few days. It is always nice to have the grandparents in town. We did some fun things while she was here. We took her out for Ethiopian food one day and hit Ikea another! Last Saturday we went to a little town north of us called Old Town Spring. It is an old railroad town with all these old houses that are now converted to little shops. So cute!

It is spring break around here this week. We already had our break when we went on vacation, but we will still sneak in some fun this week also. Tuesday we are going to the carnival at the Houston Livestock Show with some friends. Better dig out Clark’s cowboy boots…as I know he will want to wear them! 🙂 Clark will love seeing all the animals!

I attend a small group Bible study for mothers twice a month and a few weeks ago we watched this video. It is so wonderful and really spoke to me.

 As a stay at home mom it’s easy to loose sight of why we do what we do. However, I need to always remember that I am building (or attempting to with the Lord’s help) great cathedrals. Oh and how I long for our children to say “you are gonna love it there” also!

I also have fallen in love with a praise and worship band called Hillsong United. I heard one of their new songs, Father, on the radio the other day. I came home and looked them up…then quickly went on Itunes and bought it. 🙂 Listen to this…

 Awesome…love, love, love it!

On the adoption front things are still moving along. Perhaps not as quickly as we would like, but it rarely does. We wanted our children home oh say like yesterday. But we wait. Wait on God’s perfect timing. It’s hard to wait, but God is at work. (and that makes it all worth it!) We were talking in my moms small group this week about aha moments with God. A friend asked what have been some aha moments throughout our adoption process. I told her well, for starters with Clark’s adoption process our aha moment was when he was escorted into the waiting room and we first laid eyes on him. That was the most profound aha moment ever. The wait just melted away…all 2 years and 4 months (but who was counting?) gone in an instant. That is how I now have the peace to wait through this journey…because I know our moment of reassurance is coming….but not until God chooses for it to! I had to learn that the hard way. Guess I’m a slow learner, darn it! Anyway, we were told this week that they still need to gather 2 documents and then we can be submitted to court again. We just don’t know a timeframe on those last 2 documents. Please keep Ethiopian adoptions in your prayers. The office that writes all of the recommendations letters for court has said they are going to greatly reduce the number of letters that they write. It has some organizations upset and everyone is hoping the decision will be overturned. Our process has the potential to get even longer.

Well here are some photos from our trip. Have a fabulous week!

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