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Posts from — May 2011

The last 2 months….

I should preface this with a “I can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog in forever”…..but life happens. Let’s see, there has been spring, Easter, Mother’s Day and on and on and on. I have many pictures to post but not a lot of exciting news to share. Our adoption is finally moving again. We received word last week that all of the paperwork was finally just about ready to be submitted to court again! They only lacked ONE signature from someone at the orphanage. It was my early Mother’s Day gift. We have been waiting 3 months now to be resubmitted to court. If you recall our first court date had to be canceled last minute due to a paperwork problem. We are cautiously optimistic that it is all correct this time around. However, the court system in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia takes a recess during the months of August and September. If we do not get a date by the end of July, we will not be going until October at the earliest. We would ask you to join us in prayer that we would be granted a date prior to the recess.

Well Easter came and went. We were blessed to have participated in Journey to the Cross, which our church has put on 3 years in a row. It is a fabulous way for children to grasp the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurection. We did the donkey section…and Clark loved that there was a real donkey to feed and ride! My parents came to celebrate Easter with us. We went down to Galveston after church to enjoy lunch with a view of the ocean.

Over the last 5 weeks Ali and I also both had oral surgery. I had a wisdom tooth that broke off, therefore it needed to come out. It was partially impacted anyway and lying sideways. Ali had all 4 wisdom teeth removed a couple of weeks later. We both went through our chipmunk phase!

While looking through photos to upload…I was reminded of a couple of things. T.C. taught at another marriage conference for the military back in April, and the kids and I joined him at the hotel for a night. It was held at the Hotel Galvez in Galveston.  It is a very old, very beautiful hotel! It was a treat to have a beach view room for a night. Ali had a swim meet that weekend and that is why we were only able to stay one night. We also planted some trees this spring. We planted 2 peach, a satsuma, a grapefruit, and 3 palms! Our yard will one day be beautiful with mature trees. For now….the fruit trees are pretty small. 🙂

Here are some photos from our spring….

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