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Posts from — September 2011

Is there a lesson here?

Another delay. Another disappointment. I always ask myself, “is there a lesson in this for me?” Truthfully, at this point in the game…I’m a little tired of lessons. They stink actually. I’m drained. Exhausted. Emotionally empty. Our family is split apart and there is not a darn thing I can do about it. That is a hard thing for me to chew on, if the truth be told. I’ve begged…I’ve pleaded with the Lord. But still we wait. Two of our children are half way around the world and it’s killing me. Honest to goodness draining the life right out of me killing me. Have I complained enough yet? I could go on…but I will spare you the gory details.

We finally heard from the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia today. It wasn’t the news we have been hoping and praying for. We were hoping for the email that states “your case is cleared you can travel for the Visa interview”…..which some fellow adoption friends got this morning! I’m SO happy for them, but so disappointed for us. We got the email that states “here is the information we are requesting….” and it just isn’t fun at all. What does that mean for us? We wait until our agency in Ethiopia gathers the requested documentation. Our case worker here in the states is really hoping that what they are requesting is actually in our file and it was just overlooked (best case scenario)…or second best case scenario is that they have the requested letter only they forgot to include it in the file. Worst case scenario is they have to try and locate said letter. All of which are keeping our children there instead of here. Ugh. I’ve been throwing myself a REALLY good pitty party the last several days. (sorry I didn’t invite anyone to join in the party…they aren’t much fun) We hope to find out more information Monday.   (oh a little background…our case was submitted to the Embassy last  Tuesday…it was delayed a week due to a holiday in Ethiopia)

I’m trying to focus on the big picture….that our children will be home with us soon. Just not as soon as we would have liked. I’m praying this will not delay our case much at all…that it could all be resolved this coming week. Will you join us in this plea to the Lord? I know he hears our cries for His mercy. He is the giver of all good gifts. I know that. My head knows that. My mama’s heart is just a little slow to understand it. My heart wants my babies home forever. My heart just wants to start our “new normal” and to see what that is going to look like for us. My heart wants my babies to have their family surrounding them…loving them. I don’t want a caretaker putting them to bed at night. I should be doing that. But for now this is how it is. I know God will sustain me until we walk through those Acacia Village doors for the last time and escort our sweet children out of that building. God is here…thank goodness…and God is there too…which gives me the peace that I do have. I know he is holding them when we can’t.

For now I will focus on getting through today. Then tomorrow. Then the next day.

Clark has his first gymnastics competition tomorrow. It isn’t a meet though. It is called the “Muscle Man Competition”…a strength competition. We will see how that goes. You just never know what you are going to get with this sweet 6 year old of ours. He’s “game on”…or “goof off”…….so we shall see which side emerges for the big day.

We are taking the kiddos to Sea World next weekend for our annual San Antonio long weekend. We always have a great time…if we can manage to not melt in this heat. 🙁 It is so wonderful that Sea World has their Hero Salute program that offers free tickets once a year to military families. Such a blessing.

Ali has been saving for months and months to redecorate her bedroom. I admit, it was a little sad to me. She handed down several things to Hana that choked me up a bit. How did she grow up so fast? She changed her beach themed room to a city themed room. (new bedding, pictures, etc.) It turned out so cute though. That girl can save money!! She could give us a loan. 🙂

Ali also painted some name plaques for Hana’s door and Haile’s wall. Well, it is actually Haile and Clark’s wall. We wanted the boys room to look like it was both of their room and not like Haile was staying in Clark’s room. So…we added a picture of T.C. and Haile together at the transition home….to go with the picture of Clark and T.C. at the orphanage in Ukraine. Pretty cool. Ali did a great job painting them and they turned out so cute. A nice touch to both rooms.

I’m going to get back to all that being an at home mom entails. Laundry needs to be hung and schooling needs to be supervised. Duty calls….

I’m including some new photos of our Ethiopian cutie pies. Remember you can click on the slide show to see the photos larger.

Oh there is a great giveaway going on at Pitter Patter Art

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10

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