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A day in the life…

I can’t believe it has been so long since I blogged. It might have a little something to do with the title…a day in the life. Life has changed quite a bit since Thanksgiving. Raising 4 kiddos doesn’t leave much time for blogging, that’s for sure. The laundry, cooking, schooling, running to activities, housework, and did I mention laundry? It’s been crazy fun getting used to having a larger family. You might choke if you knew our grocery bill. 🙂 Hana and Haile have settled in quite nicely. They are so resilient and for that I’m so very thankful to our heavenly father. Haile had some issues with meltdowns the first couple of weeks, but those have completely subsided. Now if he cries it is due to very normal circumstances (didn’t get his way, someone took his toy, etc.). He was just so traumatized by all the changes in his young life. Everything overnight was completely different to him…a language he didn’t understand, a new family he didn’t know, and a new home. He is doing so well now. Hana is doing well also. She has a bit of a stubborn streak at times and loves, loves, loves to be in control. We are working on that and she is taking guidance well. She is doing 1st grade with Clark…though she is in a higher level in math. Her phonics skills need to catch up so 1st grade is the best spot for her for now. She also began taking dance lessons last month. I think she enjoys tap the best. Haile has been asking to take gymnastics “like Clarkie” lately, so he took his first class yesterday. I was home with Clark and disappointed that I had to miss it. T.C. said that he did fine though, despite the fact he doesn’t understand everything the coach says. 🙂 Haile is the lover of all things relating to space shuttles, airplanes, and Legos! He could play with Legos all day every day. Hana loves to color and do art projects. She loves her dolls and doing puzzles. They are a lot of fun to watch explore their new world.

Christmas came and went. It is a blur to me looking back. I was just trying to stay afloat from our huge life change. We did have a lovely Christmas though. It was wonderful watching Hana and Haile experience everything. They loved the tree and driving around looking at lights. They loved decorating their gingerbread houses and were so excited on Christmas morning. We tried to cut back on Christmas buying this year and we purchased some items through Samaritan’s Purse. The children enjoyed trying to decide what to “purchase.” They decided on some chickens and buying into the purchase of a donkey. We hope to make this an annual tradition.

We have also celebrated several birthdays. Ali turned 15 in Dec., Hana turned 8 in Dec., and Clark turned 7 in Jan. Dec. and Jan. are busy around the Judd house.

We took our first family vacation as a family of 6. At the end of January we took the children to DisneyWorld and then to Destin for a few days of rest and relaxation for us parents. It was a lot of fun. It was a learning process as we adjusted to how long it now takes to get all of us out of the door (especially while all sharing ONE bathroom in a hotel). However, we were on time for the bus every single morning. 🙂 (you should be impressed being on time is a challenge for us) Ali and Clark were of course super excited to go back to Disney, but Hana and Haile had NO idea what to expect. They did so well for the most part. Hana had the tendancy to wander away, but we quickly learned to have her hold onto the boys stroller so she couldn’t! She also didn’t understand why in the world she couldn’t have everything in the little Disney shops. She pouted on more than one occasion. Haha!! She thought she must in fact buy every single adorable $65 princess dress. Ummm, no. She thought just because I said no 499 times that maybe just maybe I would say yes on the 500th time. Well anyway, she didn’t get the dress and one day she will learn about money and the fact that she can’t have everything she wants. We loved our hotel. We decided to try Shades of Green which is a military resort on the Disney property. It is across the street from the Polynesian. Location was great and loved that we could walk to the Polynesian to catch the monorail. So once we were completely exhausted from walking the parks from morning to night, we loaded up and headed to our favorite spot in Destin, FL. It is a lovely place right on the beach…not fancy but love that we can literally open our sliding glass door and there is the beach! Hana and Haile LOVED the beach. All the children played on the beach until they finally had to come in to eat or get a bath. The pool was heated so they also swam a couple of times. Ali and Hana braved the cold water and took a dip in the ocean! Ali was freezing and had to force Hana to get out as I think Hana would have stayed there as long as we would have let her. Brrrr!! They made sandcastles, airplanes, alligators, had “sword fights” with sticks, fed the seagulls, took walks, looked for shells, etc. I loved watching them. It was a blessing to see them experience the ocean for the very first time. We can’t wait to go back. Oh, and while we were at Disney it just so happened (thank you Jesus for working that out!!) that some dear friends of ours from our seminary days were in Orlando for a conference! We all had dinner together at the Grand Floridian one night and they also came and hung out at our hotel one night. SO FUN! It had been too long.

Clark has had a few gymnastics meets now. He has placed very well in them all. He came in 1st overall in his age division at the last meet. He has 3 more meets this season. Ali has a big swim meet this weekend. I always enjoy seeing how she improves from one meet to the next. She is doing very well in school this year. She made all A’s on her last report card. So hard to believe she only has 2 1/2 years left of high school.

Well, there is more I wanted to go into…but time is so limited. Hopefully I won’t wait so long to write a post next time! Here are pictures from the past couple of months. Just click on slide show to make it larger.

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