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I’m going to dust off the cyber cobwebs and attempt a blog post after many months. Goodness, can’t believe I haven’t blogged since February!

So why the title? Well one of my FAVORITE songs right now is by Sidewalk Prophets called Live Like That! Check it out…HERE!!!

It’s going to be my theme song as I go back to Africa!! You read that right. As of right now, a friend and I are going back to Ethiopia in October. We are working on nailing down all the travel plans. This time…I’m not going for an adoption. No, I’m going to go back to the place that has been in my heart since I first stepped foot on the grounds. I’m going back to the area of Korah, Ethiopia in Addis Ababa to do some volunteer work. I sent out an email this week about an opportunity for you to partner with me as I go back. My friend and I are trying to raise funds to help orphans, widows, and single mothers. If you are interested in joining in, please let me know. I want to stress that 100% of the funds raised will go to help the Ethiopians! My friend, Kristy, and I are paying our own travel expenses. I am NOT asking for money to help pay my way. Please understand that. We are going to be working with a pastor to the Korah community and loving on the children of his congregation. To say this area is poor, is an understatement. Here are some links for you to learn a little more of where we will be and a couple of the organizations we hope to be involved in.
Project 61
Mission Ethiopia

I will attemp to recap the past 4 months. We finally finished our school year. In Aug. we will have an 11th grader, two 2nd graders, and a kindergartner. Hana and Haile are coming along very nicely in their ability to speak the English language. It just takes time! Haile tests his boundaries constantly and perhaps that goes with the territory of being the youngest. Parenting is non stop training of those little hearts. Always attempting to point them to the cross and their and our need for forgiveness. Hana is very strongwilled and has an extremely strong personality. We are constantly trying to keep that in check.

Aside from finishing school, we are trying to enjoy the summer. (even in the 100+ temps) We went to Indiana in May to introduce Hana and Haile to their Indiana cousins. We spent several days at the family lake house and enjoyed watching the children play, swim, make snow cones, blow bubbles, fish, and make wonderful memories. We don’t get to see them all very often, so when we do the children have a great time. On the way to Indiana we made a stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a few days. Had a great time letting the children fish right outside of our hotel room, visiting the bath houses, seeing the hot springs, picnic, etc. We were also able to have lunch with one of my aunts and a cousin that I had not seen in years…what a treat!

A couple of months ago we had Hana and Haile baptized at our church. It was such a nice ceremony. They wore traditional Ethiopian clothing that we brought back from our November trip. We were concerned with how Haile would handle being in front of the congregation so we tried to really prepare him in advance of what would be happening. We quickly realized that we perhaps prepared him too much when from the start of the service he asked (a million times)…”preacher done, water now?” Haha!

We have had quite a few hospital/clinic/orthopedic visits since I last blogged. Clark fell off of he high bar at gym and missed the mat. Needless to say, he fractured his wrist just days before his last meet of the season. We waited until after the meet to see the orthopedic. His gym coach taped up his arm, modified his routines, and he competed!! He came in 4th overall despite a fractured wrist. He is a trooper. But come Monday, on went the cast. He was out of gym for 4 weeks with the exception of going to stretch. It healed just fine though. Thought/hoped we were done with doctors for a while until last Wednesday a freak thing happened and he got a concussion. I took the children to one of those inflatable bouncy house places and he bumped heads with another boy while in mid air. He didn’t even tell me they hit heads. However, later he started telling me he couldn’t see well…got pale…was extremely tired…vomiting. So a few minutes later I found myself on the way to the pediatricians office where she informed me that he needed to immediately go to ER and that she was about to call an ambulance. I had to convince her that I would leave right then and go straight to the ER. By the time we made it to the ER and they took his vitals, the pediatrician had called and they had him in line for a CT scan. They all feared that he had bleeding in the brain due to the severity of his symptoms. At this point he could not even stay awake. Praise God though, the CT was totally normal. He did have a concussion but there was NO bleeding. We were/are so thankful about that. He was sick the rest of the day, but was feeling better by the next day.

This summer is passing so fast. The children have attended VBS at a friends church, gone on a couple of fieldtrips with the children’s group from church, will have VBS at our church in a couple of weeks, attend a couple of painting classes coming up at Michael’s, etc. Hana took a dance class this week also. Ali has been gone for almost 3 weeks in a row. She attended swim camp at the University of Texas in Austin, attend UM ARMY with the youth at church, and this week she has been in Memphis, TN with my parents and her cousin, Abby. Their Poppy heard that Ali really wanted to go back to Graceland and because she is spoiled rotten…they took them both!!! I’ve really missed her and look forward to her coming home tonight. They had a great time going to Graceland, Sun Studios, and The Peabody Hotel to see the ducks….not to mention they ate some great Memphis barbque! Little jealous about that. 🙂

My computer time has come to an end. Must get Clark to gymnastics in a few. Will close with a few pictures from the last few months. Before I do I want to mention a book that I think EVERY Christian should read. It is called Radical by David Platt. It has rocked my world and I keep going back to read things I have highlighted. Here is an excerpt… “When we have the courage to look in the faces of brothers and sisters whose bodies are malnourished and whose brains are deformed because they have no food, Christ will change our desires, and we will long to sacrifice our resources for the glory of his name among them.” WOW, right? God has been doing things in my heart and also TC’s heart since we returned from Ethiopia. We don’t know what it means yet. But God has definitely stirred our hearts. Stirred it to the point of knowing that we want more than being satisfied with what our society thinks of as “the American dream”…there is more to life than that. All that stuff just doesn’t matter when we look to eternity. It just doesn’t. And we want our children to know that too. To give up our desires for God’s desires.

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1 stacy kirkland { 09.13.12 at 1:44 pm }

We have only spoken through emails. My son Dexter is from the same orphanage in Ukraine as Clark. We were there 6 months after you. You have a beautiful family and love following your blog. I know how time can get away from you. We resently adopted a little girl from Russia and made a huge move from IL to TX. We live in north Dallas area. Take care Stacy Kirkland

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